After several days in a coma, Isabel Granada was then declared by the medical staff at Hamad General Hospital as lifeless. Isabel Granada and her present husband went into Doha, Qatar to attend a business trip and to attend other personal matters in the said country. Isabel felt dizzy when they arrived in Doha, Qatar. She then gradually loses consciousness in Doha, prompting her husband to call for an immediate help. Isabel was immediately rushed to the Heart Hospital of the Hamad Medical Corporation.

After a thorough medical examination, the doctors initially declare the patient to have a demised brain status. It has been revealed that she suffered from six consecutive cardiac arrests while they just arrived in Doha, Qatar. It was revealed that the cause of the actress' successive cardiac arrests was due to her ruptured aneurysm in her brain. This means that any disruption with the blood's circulation in the brain could disrupt the flow of the bloodstream, prompting the cardiac system to change its perfusion to the patient. Isabel Granada was then declared lifeless on the 4th of November, 2017 at the age of 41.
Isabel Granada
Isabel Granada was a famous singer and actress in the Philippines. She rose to fame in the 198's and 1990's along with Manilyn Reynes, Janno Gibbs, Sheryl Cruz, Romnick Sarmenta, and other matinee idols in 1980's to early 1990's.

As a local celebrity in the Philippines, Isabel Granada appeared in several television shows, movies, and sitcoms. She began her acting career in a noontime variety show "That's Entertainment" and started her career in front of the camera. Granada appeared in several shows of ABS-CBN and GMA as a cast in several programs, movies, and game shows. Aside from a local celebrity in acting, Isabel Granada ventured her skills in music as she originally started as one of the girl groups known as "Tuesday Group".

Isabel Granada was married initially with Jeric Genasky and had a son named Hubert Thomas Jericho Granada Aguas. Isabel Granada and Jeric broke up due to personal reasons and eventually married to Arnel Cowley. Isabel then became a stepmother to Abbey and Sarah Cowley. While she was in a coma, both her ex-husband and present husband stood beside her until he was no longer revived by the medical staff in the Heart Hospital of Hamad Medical Corporation in Doha, Qatar. The remains of Isabel Granada is expected to be brought back to the Philippines after several legal issues will be settled in Doha.

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5 Reasons why Isabel Granada suffered a Cerebrovascular Aneurysm

Many say that one of the major causes of a Cerebrovascular accident is when a person's body suffered a stressful environment. This is when the person traveled to a very hot environment from an environment that is colder. Another is the physical stress because Isabel traveled for long hours before they landed in Doha, Qatar. This is why Isabel suffered from a successive cardiac arrest following a cerebral aneurysm.

The public is warned about the importance of balancing your health. If you feel stressed, it is best to take time to rest, rather than persisting to continue your routine even if you feel that something is already wrong with your body. Never ignore any discomforts that your body is telling you because life is too short. Once you will suffer from a severe illness or disability, it will cause a permanent damage to your body.

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