For the Binibining Pilipinas, only one remaining card is left to compete, and this is Miss Intercontinental 2017. This is is the last major pageant that will take place next January of next year that will be represented by Katarina Rodriguez. This is the last major beauty pageants in this 2017-2018 season of pageantry that is being held all around the world. Each country sends their delegate and hoping to have a chance to win a crown for their nation. After the conclusion of Miss Supranational, Miss Intercontinental is the last major pageant that will be held in Egypt. This is the last major beauty pageant that will take place sometime in January of next year.

Focusing on Miss Intercontinental Philippines 2017 Katarina Rodriguez, she will only have one month left before the coronation night. She is currently preparing all her weapons to reckon the coronation night of Miss Supranational 2017. Many Filipino pageant fans from all over the world are now hoping that she could be the lucky charm for the Philippines for Miss Intercontinental 2017. This comes after the Philippines made numerous disappointments to previous international beauty pageants this November with the exception of Miss Earth 2017 winner. The most saddening of all was the Philippines' bet for Miss International 2017 who failed to make the top 15 cut.
Miss Intercontinental Philippines 2017 Katarina Rodriguez
Miss Intercontinental is an annual beauty pageant that is held every year around the world. The pageant quickly gained an impressive applause because it is one of the oldest international beauty pageants. The coronation night will take place in the middle of January of 2017, in Egypt. Katarina Rodriguez will be taking her card, hoping to win the second crown for the country. She hopes to be the first Filipina woman to win the titles after a series of placements in the last 5 years.

Katarina Rodriguez is a local celebrity in the Philippines. She further intensified her stardom status when she was crowned recently as Miss Intercontinental Philippines during the Binibining Pilipinas 2017 beauty pageant. She holds the last card of Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta to win an international title that will take place in Egypt. As many pageant fans are still in the process of recovering from Rachel Peters and Chanel Olive Thomas who ended in the Top 10, Katarina is now the last woman who is expected to redeem herself. She is now aiming for the first crown for the country as a blessing to the Binibining Pilipinas batch 2017.

It is admissible that Miss Intercontinental is one of the pageants that shows its unpredictability in choosing its winner. But there is one thing that the pageant is known for selecting its winner, which is having a preference for a winner that has a cheeky personality. The pageant is not choosing a candidate that has a formidable beauty prowess because the judges and organizers are much more on the personality and not on the beauty. This is because a beauty queen is an epitome of inspiration to others through its colorful personality. Aside from having a colorful personality, an advocacy or a set of multiple causes are important for a candidate to become a role model to the intercontinental communities.

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Winner of Miss Intercontinental 2017

The question is, will Katarina win Miss Intercontinental 2017 that will be held next month in Egypt? The answer is definitely yes because she has the longest training session than the rest of the candidates who have been aiming for the first title for the country. Katarina is lucky to be on the last card because she is able to learn the weaknesses of her predecessors as well as colleagues from the latest pageants. This is important for her so that she can nail all segments of the pageant when she will be sent to Egypt early this January. She already competed in an international modeling event that was held in Singapore that landed her as a runner-up.

Katarina Rodriguez has one of the most gorgeous faces during the Binibining Pilipinas stint way back in March of the same year. She was predicted to land either Miss Supranational Philippines or Miss International Philippines. Some say that Madame Stella Marquez Araneta designated Katarina to Miss Intercontinental because she feels that the country can win the first title. She is the last remaining card for Madame Stella Araneta, which is now currently preparing for the title that will take place next year. Katarina is carrying the heaviest pressure after her colleagues made a series of placements in their respective pageants.

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Runner-up of Miss Intercontinental 2017

They always say that one of the major criteria for a pageant to win the title is the way they deliver the question. Pageant aficionados are sure that Katarina will land any of the runner-up spots, especially if she delivers an uncertain answer after being called as one of the top 5. Since she is already trained for several months to improve her styling, Pasarela, and makeup, the most important is the question and answer portion. She must understand that there are correct strategies and approaches to ensure that she could nail the final question. This is a way for her to redeem herself as the ultimate winner of Miss International if she will answer the question or else, she will land as a runner-up.


Before proceeding to the final top 5 of the annual beauty pageant, she needs to show her dominance in styling and stage presence. This is the most important part of the competition because this is how a candidate will have to redeem herself during the first phases of the competition. A candidate who failed to execute their styling and a strong sense of stage presence was only the ones who will land to the semifinalist round. The beauty pageant camp is currently analyzing the strongest weapon of Katarina so that she could make a difference in this year's beauty pageant season. Hopefully, with the right combination and a careful review, Katarina can formulate the right mixture to eventually win the title next month.

So the question is, will Katarina Rodriguez win Miss Intercontinental 2017?

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