In the world of entertainment and fame, there is one person that can generate an online attention. This is an attention that can cause a matrix of speculations. The social media is one of the main sources of information where the public space utilizes their curiosity to investigate anyone they want to amplify. One recent incident was when Jake Zyrus came into the spotlight after leaving behind the persona of Charice Pempengco. Another transformation was when Marlou Arizala from Hasht5 transformed into Xander Ford after he underwent a procedure.

Many are shocked when Sabel Gonzales posted a new photo of her looking different from her usual regal look. From Sabel's Facebook profile, online users are wondering why she changed her name to Mark Estefan. There were several bible verses in most of the posts that were published regularly in Sabel's profile. This beauty queen made headlines when netizens began sharing her posts and photos all over the internet. The presence of active users of social media has been responsible for causing further attention to Sabel Gonzales. Posts from this beauty queen generated confusion by the netizens due to a reverse transformation.
Sabel Gonzales | Mark Estefan
Sabel Gonzales gained fame in the local pageantry community in the Philippines when she started joining national transgender pageants. Her fame became phenomenal when she joined the longest running annual transgender-based beauty pageant competition by Eat Bulaga. Sabel Gonzales also gained fame across Luzon when she started joining local, provincial, and regional pageants, making her as one of the formidable veterans. Here are 5 Facts about Sabel Gonzales (now Mark Estefan).

1. This person represented the Philippines for Miss International Queen in 2016. The Philippines has two representatives during the previous edition of Miss International Queen 2016. They are Stacy Biano and Sabel Gonzales. Jiratchaya SirimongKolnawin became the winner and the fourth Thai to win the title in 2016. The pageant was not held in 2017 due to the respect for the demise of former Thai King Bhumibul Adulyadej. The pageant is expected to resume this 2018 as there are no other circumstances that can stop the event.

2. Sabel Gonzales is technically considered transgender. A person who belongs themselves to the opposite sex is regarded transgenders. This is even if they are yet to undergo a transitioning surgery to formally change their biological gender. Sabel Gonzales had been undergoing hormonal treatment since her teenage years to make her physical features feminine. Her skin, facial features, the voice, and the overall body structures are all turned out to look feminine. One of the most common transformational tools is the oral hormonal treatment or therapy.

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3. This beautiful person joined Super Sireyna beauty pageant. The last edition of Super Sireyna made several transgenders who became local celebrities in the Philippines. Sabel Gonzales joined this pageant in GMA's Eat Bulaga, which traditionally organizes and makes a telecast of this LGBT-themed beauty pageant. Sabel Gonzales advanced through the finalist round and then she was awarded the queen of flowers. Since her stint in this competition, this person was invited to other prestigious transgender beauty pageants across the country.

4. Loves reading Bible. Many supporters of Sabel began to notice something special about her. This was when Sabel has been often seen reading the Bible on a frequent basis. One of the most memorable bible verse that Sabel posted on her timeline was when she borrowed the phrase "Only God will change you for it is his plan in your life". She wants others to start having faith in Jesus so that they will also feel what she felt, prompting her to submit herself to the Lord. In this month, there are many posts that were seen on her personal Facebook profile, which garnered more respect for this beautiful person.

5. Say Goodbye to Sabel Gonzales and hello to Mark Estefan. From now on, everybody should address this person from her or madame to him or sir. Mark Estefan is now born and wish to let others address this person by this name. Obviously, this person is undergoing a reverse-transformation, in which Mark is returning back to his original biological appearance and self. Mark does not mind if he went way too feminine. The most important thing is that he already submitted himself to the Lord and will do the reverse way to bring himself back to his original appearance and self.

The question is, are you happy for Mark Estefan's reverse-transformation?

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