When H' Hien Nie Won Miss Universe Vietnam 2018, she garnered numerous comments and praises that were mostly positive. This is because she is one of the most inspiring women who won Miss Universe Vietnam this 2018. There were numerous beautiful girls from all over Vietnam but she emerged as the rightful winner of the pageant. She is now enjoying her dream as the most beautiful woman of Vietnam who is expected to represent her country in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant this 2018. She may have a lesser time of preparation because Miss Universe 2018 beauty pageant might be held earlier this year.

H' Hien Nie is living her life as the reigning Miss Universe Vietnam 2018. All eyes are on her as she hopes to break the drought for her country to penetrate the semifinals of Miss Universe 2018. She is expected to undergo training and beauty pageant workshops to further improve her chances to penetrate the semifinalists of the pageant. She is now tasked to attend different events and continue the advocacy of Miss Universe Vietnam, requiring her to visit numerous places and meeting new faces. H' Hien Nie is accompanied by Hoang Thi Thuy (First Runner-Up) and Mau Thi Thanh Thuy (Second Runner-Up).
Miss Universe Vietnam 2018 H'Hien Nie
H' Hien Nie is a stunner from Dak Lak Province in Vietnam who is the reigning Miss Universe Vietnam 2018. She stands 5'9 inches or 175 centimeters tall. H' Hien Nie is the official representative of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for the 65th edition of Miss Universe beauty pageant. She is currently working in Ho Chi Minh as a professional model. However, she temporarily halted her modeling profession to continue with her duties and responsibilities as the reigning Miss Universe Vietnam 2018.

The challenge for her is her beauty pageant training regimen. Vietnam is one of the few countries who are yet to unleash their worth in Miss Universe beauty pageant. Although this country has been performing well in other major pageant, fashion experts and beauty pageant mentors in the country are still calculating the right formula to let their candidate penetrate the semifinalist round. Since fashion designers have already mastered their perfect gown design, the real deal is their girl's preparedness to international competitions. Beauty pageant experts are still yet to find more solutions to make a breakthrough in Miss Universe since they still have more months to prepare H'Hien Nie.

Although H'Hien Nie is a very inspirational woman in Vietnam, she still needs to cope up to break the streaks of her neighboring countries who are performing well in Miss Universe. These are the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and China. These four countries should not be ignored in the Asia-Pacific Region. One thing is more is the classification-based selection process of Miss Universe. This is because Miss Universe grouped Asia with Africa and Oceania. There are only four slots that are available in this group with an uncertain chance to the wildcard department of the pageant's selection process during the coronation night.

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1. H'Hien Nie is the first brown-skinned woman to win Miss Universe Vietnam 2018. It is a rare sight for Vietnamese pageant contenders to possess a naturally brown skin. This representative is proud of herself as the most exotic candidate to win the pageant. The typical beauty criteria in Vietnam is to have a white skin. Her skin tone is her advantage because it can easily attract attention to international beauty experts. Fashion designers and gurus will tout her skin as a versatile tone to all kinds of fashion events around the world. The tone appears expensive and elegantly beautiful in the eyes of luxury owners in the fashion industry.

2. She is one of the few Vietnamese contestants belonging to an Ethnic minority. H' Hien Nie was born in the Central Highlands of Dak Lak. She belongs to an indigenous group in that area, making her practice different cultures from that in metropolitan areas of Vietnam. She was a girl who grew up in a community where she experienced numerous types of traditions and practices as part of her ethnic tribe's beliefs. Many consider her as a woman of class and elegance because she is more conservative than the city girls by means of preserving her dignity.

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3. The only winner with the shortest hair during the coronation night. The typical criteria for a woman to become beautiful are having a long and silky hair. H' Hien Nie tore this barrier when she revealed herself as the rightful winner of the national beauty pageant. Her aura is comparable to Miss Universe 2014 Fourth Runner-Up Kaci Fennell and Miss Universe Switzerland 2013 Dominique Rinderknecht. Her confidence draws attention to the judges as she flaunts her poise and bubbly personality in front of the stage.

4. H'Hien came from a humble background. She is regarded as the Cinderella of Vietnam due to her humble family background. Her family's financial status is not that blessed as compared with other candidates in this edition of Miss Universe Vietnam. H' Hein Nie's parents are rice and tea planters in their hometown. They only make less than an average income to sustain their family's needs. Her triumph as Miss Universe Vietnam 2018 means that it is not about your socio-economic status that hinders you from winning the title. This is all about your perseverance and patience to win a crown if you will make it as your passion.

5. She worked as a maid to feed her family. At a young age, H'Hien Nie was forced to work while studying at a young age. She tried to work as a maid for a certain time to feed her family on a regular basis. She sacrificed her time and teenage life to sustain her family's need for food, extra allowance for her siblings, and to pay their monthly bills. As a former maid, she was never ashamed of who she was during this time in her life. She used her past hardships as an instrument for her to move forward and to become the lucky gem for her family to improve their socio-economic lifestyle.

Are you proud of her?

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