How do you feel when a person of your own kind started to make rants against your very own race? This is what a Filipina living in the United States did to her fellow Filipinos who are working as customer support representatives. This is the last thing that a person would like to expect from someone from their own kind. Although this is an isolated issue, many Filipinos are enraged by the behavior of this woman who made rants over her social media profile. Her behavior instantly caught the attention of netizens who were hurt by this woman's comments against her countrymen.

A Facebook user is now in hot waters after posting a context that has been targeting against fellow countrymen. Under the name Jhenny Gacasa, she is now trending in Facebook's newsfeeds after she lamented against fellow Filipinos. In her post from her personal profile, she indicated that call centers should be brought back to the United States. This is for the reason that she notices that their accents are Filipinos. She indicated that her experience talking to a Filipino call center wasted one hour of her time. In addition, she reiterated that Filipino call centers can only just talk English but fail to understand the problem.
Jhenny Gacasa
The Philippines is the leading country in hosting Business Process Outsourcing enterprises. It has over a million operating Filipino customer care representatives and technical representatives who are literally regarded call centers. Filipinos are mostly preferred by the BPO entrepreneurs due to their easy adaptability to the English language. In addition, the Philippines is one of the few third world countries that have over 95% of the total population who can speak the English language.

Jhenny Gacasa's post generated a wave of negativity on Facebook. Netizens began to share her posts on different pages and groups to show other Filipinos what she has become after living in the United States for many years. Filipino netizens were disappointed on how she behaves after living and working in another country that changed her principles against her own fellow Pinoys. Aside from Facebook, her post spilled to other social media networks, sparking more attention to other Filipinos who became shocked on how she behaved after stepping to a foreign country. They regard her dignity as worse than a fishy scent.

It may seem to her that her anguish might be a normal thing for her, she didn't realize that it generated a viral sensation in various social media forums. Overseas Filipino Communities around the world were enraged by Jhenny's behavior basing from her post. Filipinos working abroad were dismayed on how Jhenny commented over a small issue, which reflects her personality online. Many foreign Filipino workers reacted that they felt embarrassed because they never did anything worse after reading Jhenny's post online. Some enraged individual implied that this is a humiliating post, which Filipinos should not be proud of.

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Posting your emotional disappointments are not always the right thing to do no matter how disappointing it is. The main reason is that your post might contain insensitive remarks that might cause a problem. Jhenny's case might cost her her job. This is because her behavior by posting insensitive remarks could violate laws and policies at her own work. This is especially if the post falls under discriminatory policies that are against the law. Jhenny should start to think twice before posting something on Facebook.

Insensitive remarks are now regulated in the United States. If an institution caught one of their employees who made insensitive remarks over their personal social media account, they always review it. If they found out that there is something wrong with their employee's remarks towards other employees, group, or organization, an investigation will immediately take place. If there are irregularities that are identified, the person responsible for that post will be at risk for apprehension.

This case clearly reminds everybody that we should always be cautious when posting something online. The main reason is that once you are navigating the internet, you are not always alone. There are a group of individuals who are always monitoring your account. In Jenny's case, her insulting remarks to her fellow Filipino indicates that she could regret posting those statements when she realizes that she is in trouble in the future.

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