If there is one beauty queen that people should admire, this is Valeria Piazza. This Peruvian beauty queen has one of the kindest hearts that you can see in any beauty pageant. Each competition, her evident kindness makes her an easy person to approach by other candidates. Even pageant fans can easily reach out to her because she is always accommodating whenever there are simple requests asked by her fans and followers. She is also responsive to her personal social media account, making it easier for fans from other parts of the world to establish a communication with her.

Valeria Piazza made waves online when she was reported by the press that she was rushed to an unnamed hospital after falling ill. She is now fighting for her life as her autoimmune disease started causing a severe allergic reaction that caused her body to shut down. The beauty queen is then endorsed to the Intensive Care Unit of the healthcare institution for an immediate treatment and rehabilitation. Valeria is heavily sedated in order to neutralize the histamine and prostaglandin response of her body in order to recover. Her vital signs are now constantly monitored by the healthcare personnel on duty in the Intensive Care Unit.
Miss Universe Peru 2016 Valeria Piazza
Valeria is a Peruvian beauty queen who won Miss Universe Peru in 2016. She stands five feet and nine inches tall. This woman was born in Lima, Peru on the 6th of June, 1989 and she is now 27. Valeria Piazza is a social communicator, which is actively campaigning numerous causes across her country. Valeria is also a professional model working with international modeling agencies around the world.

Valeria's condition is yet to be disclosed by the health care personnel who are currently monitoring her condition in the ICU. There were numerous diagnostic procedures that were already applied to her, hoping to find out the exact cause of her illness. Right now, Valeria is still unresponsive due to the sedatives administered to her at the ICU. Her medical condition is considered rare because individuals with autoimmune disorders do not have a severe relapse when a person becomes adult. Right now, doctors recommend Valeria to maintain in an isolation area to prevent any environmental factors such as noise and possible infection from outsiders.

Prior to the relapse of her autoimmune condition, Valeria suffered an accident in October of 2016, which is just a few months after participating in Miss Universe 2016. She sustained serious injuries on the site of the incident. She was then hospitalized for several days for proper treatment and rehabilitation in the hospital. It is not clear if there is a possible connection between her recent accident and her relapse of her autoimmune disorder. Families and friends of Valeria is now asking for prayers for the beauty queen. Valeria's fans and supporters are now hoping for her speedy recovery while confined in the ICU.

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WATCH: Meet Miss Universe Peru 2016 Valeria Piazza who was just rushed in the ICU due to an Autoimmune disorder

She represented her country in Miss Universe 2016 that was held in the Philippines. She successfully penetrated the Top 13 initial cut during the coronation night. Judges and the secret panel consider her as one of the few ladies with a good personality and angelic charisma throughout the competition. They find her very easy to approach without generating any intimidation, making fans more comfortable with her presence unlike other candidates throughout the competition. Valeria made her country proud for beating other heavy favorite countries from other parts of the world.

During her participation in Miss Universe 2016, Valeria was then allegedly bullied by one heavy favorite contestant. There was a video of her together with the assistants in the hotel where this heavy contestant stepped in with a wicked look. This heavy favorite contestant generated a negative energy while passing in front of the Peruvian beauty queen. During the coronation event call out of top 13 semifinalists, Valeria was called and her alleged predator failed to be called.

Valeria also participated in an international modeling competition. She participated Miss Model of the World in 2014. Valeria also represented Peru at Tropic Beauty of the World and was declared as the 1st runner-up during the coronation night. Her participation in Miss Model of the World booked her as a fashion model by international modeling agencies.

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