When you hear Boracay, you will definitely think of an untamed paradise in the particular island in the Philippine archipelago. A place that you want to go and spend leisure time with your friends and special loved ones in the area. There is a significant amount of individuals who are planning to visit Boracay due to its pristine white sand beaches that is incomparable to other parts of the world. Visiting Boracay is a once in a lifetime experience for anyone who wants to get away from their stressful work environment for a certain duration of time with their friends and families. However, what if you will soon learn that Boracay is planned for a rehabilitation for four months anytime from now?

This is an ongoing concern for travelers who are planning to book their stay in Boracay Island for a specific period of time.  The main reason is the problem with its sewerage system. Concerned citizens were shocked to find out that the opposite area of the white beachfront has a large sewerage pipe. This pipe is dumping a large amount of waste in a liquid form. The blackish-colored waste materials came from hotels, households, and other structures. These waste materials are dumped directly towards the Bulabog Beachfront. The blackish liquid containing waste materials obviously contaminates the crystal clear waters of Bulabog beach front.
Boracay sewerage
Boracay is a famous tourist spot in the Philippines. This is actually an island with a 10 square kilometer land area located at the northwestern tip of the Panay island in the Western Visayas region. The island has three barangays. These are Balabag, Manoc-Manoc, and Yapak. The island is under the municipality of Malay in Aklan Province. It has a total population of 10,000 for the native settlers with the exception of the tourists.

The Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was shocked to learn that there are numerous unmonitored sewerage systems that are now causing an environmental concern to the whole island and nearby islands. The head of state announced that if the problem in Boracay will not be resolved in six months, all government officials in the island will be dismissed. The president was notified about the display of sewerage pipes that releases blackish waste materials directly towards the beach. Duterte also indicated that the beach is turning into a cesspool due to the unmonitored unsanitary sewerage systems installed across the island.

Boracay's sewerage problem is also attracting more natural cleaning agents across the area. These are the green-colored algae. The purpose of the algae is to clean the sand that is also one of the main factors that transform it into white and powdery. The algae eliminate any contaminants that settle in the sands. The presence of green algae is beneficial to any beaches because it helps to protect the area from any contaminating objects. However, the increasing amount of sewerage that directly dumps wastes into the water attracts more algae into the beach in order to restore the white sand from all contaminants.

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Benefits of a 4-month Rehabilitation Plan to Boracay Island

The rehabilitation plan aims to restore the natural environment of the whole Boracay islands as well as its nearby islands. The plan is to eliminate all contaminants responsible for causing pollutants across the island's land and marine territories. The rehabilitation process aims to restore the fauna and flora that are now being threatened by the growing number of industries that are installed all across the area. In addition, the proposed plan helps to restore the corals that are now rapidly depleting due to the sewerage systems and overcrowding of tourists across the area.

The only problem is that Boracay will be having a longer rehabilitation plan that could reach six months. The rehabilitation depends upon the number of hidden pipelines that were directly placed by business owners to allow wastewater to leak to the beach. This is because there are numerous pipelines that were placed directly below the sands that allow wastewater to flow to the shoreline

The plan seeks to install additional sewerage facilities in the areas as the government expects more industries to flourish across the island for the next coming months. The project will repair all sewerage systems and installs additional pipes that are directed to new treatment water plants. This process is expected to revitalize the tourism in the island. In addition, Boracay will have a more improved facility to prevent future inconveniences with the residents and tourists who are visiting the area for their leisure activities.

Challenges facing the Rehabilitation Plan

Boracay is one of the top destinations for both local and international tourists in the Philippines. The 4-month rehabilitation plan affects the livelihood of residents, business owners, and international hospitality industries installed in the area. The trade and commerce in and out of the island will be affected. This is because there is a controlled number of goods and services during the period of rehabilitation. Businesses are forced to close their operations on a temporary basis. This is especially for those who are directly affected by the rehabilitation.

The plan to close the Boracay even for only several months could face resistance by the residents and the property owners. Even the logistics companies will do similar actions with the restrictions for at least four months. The leftist groups, as well as the opposition political party, will use the Boracay's planned rehabilitation to take against the current administration. The use of politicking with Boracay's environmental rehabilitation will be used by the opposition groups, which generates an international attention.

The closure of the Boracay island is heavily politicized. This is brought about by the encouragement of opposition groups who are now taking bold steps to file for a temporary restraining order to halt the rehabilitation. The main purpose is to prevent the Boracay island from closing for several months. However, any attempts to temporarily halt the closure is already not possible as the rehabilitation is now ongoing.

The members of the Philippine National Police, as well as the Philippine Armed Forces, are deployed into the area. The presence of law enforcement agencies aims to protect the properties of business owners and residents while the whole island is currently on its rehabilitation form. The government assures that the presence of law enforcement further protects the security of the residents and securing their properties in the island.

The question is, do you want to rehabilitate and close the Boracay for at least four months?

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