The Philippines is lucky to claim a franchise from the Got Talent Reality Television show series that aims to search and select promising artists to become a celebrity. The PGT  (Pilipinas Got Talent) started searching for new promising artists and inspiring celebrities by conducting a reality television competition. This is a reality competition that provides an opportunity for individuals or groups to show their talents and extraordinary skills in front of millions of audiences. The lucky winner will be given a contract with a certain talent management of ABS-CBN. If the winner impresses several advertisers and other talent management agencies, their stairway to stardom will be imminent.

However, what if a contestant failed to impress the judges? This happened on March 3, 2018, when a group of four contestants failed to impress one judge. The dance group called Playgirls attempted to elevate their fame when they decided to join Pilipinas Got Talent. After their chance of stardom, some of the judges became doubtful to their performances. One of them is Angel Locsin, who was not impressed by the contestant's dance number. Other judges felt the same with the sentiment of Angel Locsin, stating that they need to show a real raw talent to the audience since they are competing in a reality show with other aspiring contestants who also wants to become a future star.
Contestants in Pilipinas Got Talent
After Angel Locsin was commenting her insights regarding the girl's performance, their facial expressions show signs of disappointments. Robin Padilla quickly made a transparent statement to balance the harmony between the contestants and the judges. After their performance, the girls were thankful for having the opportunity to showcase their twist dance skills in front of the audience who watched them in the studio, on the site, and on television. Here are the 5 Interesting Facts about Playgirl group who joined Pilipinas Got Talent.

1. They are a Dance Group. This group is known for their twisting dance moves. They are popular among male event organizers due to their ability to entertain the whole crowd with their unique style of dance moves. This what makes them really popular among straight men, bisexuals, and lesbians. They are also popular in social media as they established a page under the name of their group. Their page garnered at least 88,000 likes and more than 90 followers. The dance group is also popular in bars and clubs where they are invited to showcase their twerking talents in front of the patrons who are having a leisure time with their perks.

2. The group participated in Pilipinas Got Talent. Playgroup decided that it is time to elevate their brand. This time, the members agreed to participate in a reality television talent search hosted by the largest entertainment network in the Philippines. The members decided to perform a dance number, showing their performance in a car wash theme. As they were cleaning the car, they are performing the twerk dance move. Some members reacted to Angel Locsin's comments that made the group more popular. A member named "Camsie Sierra" or "Yuna Love Lee" further increased the popularity of the group due to their colorful commentaries of PGT.

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3. Angel Locsin pushed the reject buzzer. While performing their spectacular dance number when given their time to shine, the actress pressed the buzzer. The members were shocked as they were embarrassed by the reject buzzer pressed by Angel Locsin. After the buzzer, Angel commented to the girls that she felt sorry for pressing the reject buzzer. She believes that their talent is only applicable in bars or nightclubs. This means that she does not believe that their performance is a product of a real and a raw talent. The girls were still thankful for participating the Philippine-based talent search.

4. Robin Padilla came to pacify the recent call out by Angel Locsin. Robin Padilla understood Angel's sentiments as he himself is one of the judges of the reality television show. At first, he seems to be satisfied with what the girls did during their stint in Pilipinas Got Talent. As a person from the opposite gender from the dance group, it is normal for males to become stimulated with that kind of performance. However, the way the girls danced made other judges uncomfortable because it was already obscene. This is the reason why Robin understands that other judges may seem not to agree with the way the girls performed.

5. The members posted a cryptic message on social media. Under the name of either Camsie Sierra or Yuna Love Lee, they posted their disappointments. They quickly targeted Angel Locsin for her doubts about their performances on stage. They even compared their way of caring their body than that of Angel's carriage in her Darna costume. The cryptic message obviously indicated that the group is somewhat unamazed by the commentaries by Angel Locsin and not their performance in Pilipinas Got Talent search. Their cryptic message then went viral online. Netizens were quick to defend Angel's comments. They state that it is her right to give constructive criticisms to any contestants.

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