As a parent, the best thing that they always do is to send their children to school during the first half of their lives. Parents believe that the children are our future leaders. This is why it is important for them to be sent to school in order to learn and appreciate phenomenon, disciplines, and theories. Children regularly attend their classes because they are taught that they will replace the current leaders of the society after they achieved their academic career. Each student is given the chance to choose their path to success by means of giving them the opportunity to study their interests or even their passion. The only concern is, what if your children are not telling you that they are facing physical abuse or assault at school from other children?

This is the case of Tasha Zuniga, a student of Sacred Heart College in Lucena City. Tasha was involved in a bullying incident. A group of an alleged schoolmate or even classmates cornered her in a covered shed. The video released online that can be found elsewhere on Facebook reveals that the first girl marked her face three times. She is identified as Sydney Merell Salvador as the prime aggressor in the scene. After the altercation with the first aggressor, another aggressor approached her and then started pointing fingers at her. As the scene is recorded by another girl who is also allegedly together with the two aggressors who approached and confronted Tasha Zuniga. All the aggressors fled the scene after the confrontation.
Tasha Zuniga
Tasha meanwhile remained calm throughout the incident. She was brave enough to control her emotions during the incident. She decided not to respond back to them with an aggression to prevent any heated argument or unfortunate circumstances in the future. This shows how she is able to balance the struggle during a certain confrontation made by her aggressors. However, it is seen from her pair of eyes that she is silently trembling with fear during the confrontation. Here are 5 Interesting facts about Tasha Zuniga of Lucena City.

1. Tasha Zuniga is a girl that is full of dreams. Tasha is still a young teenager. At this stage, she is still processing her concrete decision-making skills while enrolled in a reputable institution. One of her dreams is to give back the support that her family is pouring towards her, especially towards her mother who was supportive of her during the incident. This is an experience that will forever mark her experience as a person. As a person who has been targetted by a group of schoolgirls who helplessly committed verbal and physical assaults towards her will be a significant milestone for her to further identify her goals in life.

2. The love and support of her family made her a responsible person. As seen from the viral video, her behavior throughout the incident means one thing. She is currently raised by her supportive family members with dignity and respect. Tasha knows how to handle stress in a very calm manner. Even if she is in a dangerous position for being surrounded by a group of aggressive individuals, Tasha still remained calm and did not go on the flow with the hot-tempered aggressors. This truly indicates that her mother and other family members knew how to raise a child that is full of respect and discipline towards others and most importantly for herself.

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WATCH: 5 Interesting Facts about Tasha Ziniga of Lucena City

3. She can become an inspirational beauty queen in the future. Tasha's statuesque beauty is considered a factor for joining beauty pageants in the future. Her body posture is on the point that can make her visible to others in front of the stage. One of the most important assets is her experience as a person who encountered bullying. Tasha can use her experience as a platform to whenever joining beauty pageants. The purpose is to show others the best way to handle a difficult situation by using calmness while being confronted by the aggressive group of individuals. The key to having a successful confrontational encounter is calmness and a peace of mind.

4. The school made an official statement in favor of Tasha. The Sacred Heart College of Lucena City regrets the incident because it involves their enrollees. As a school administrator, it is painful to see that one of your enrollees are currently involved in a viral content that shows inappropriate behaviors. The school implies that they do not condone any inappropriate acts such as bullying inside and outside their premises. The administrators are currently investigating the incident and vow to apprehend involved students who initiated the confrontational and scandalous scene to the public.

5. The family of Tasha Zuniga is now crying for justice. Tasha finally made a statement after the scene. She admitted that she is now traumatized and suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder. During the scene, she decided to remain calm and did not cry during the incident as she knows that these bullies do not deserve her precious tears. As a family member, it is heartbreaking to see that one of your households is under a brutal incident by a bunch of aggressive group of individuals. The confrontation scene is already brutal enough to initiate a legal investigation towards the scene. The family hopes to apprehend the aggressors responsible for causing trauma towards Tasha.

The question is, do you want to seek justice for Tasha Zuniga?

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