Celebrity Baron Geisler is once again generating a trend in both social and mainstream media. This was after he made a live stream video of himself in his personal social media account in the morning of March 3, 2018. Baron Geisler was brave enough to face the public while appearing to be haggard. His video is somewhat concerning due to the presence of dripping blood coming from his wounds on the face. Social media users who are currently watching him were obviously distracted by his present appearance with bruises on the right side of his face.

In his social media account, Baron Geisler has no one to seek help after the incident. He then sought help through his social media followers right after making an altercation with some of his family members. The altercation occurred in his home somewhere in Angeles City, Pampanga. Baron indicated that he is alone at the time of the video. The actor confessed that he has already no one that could run into when he is involved in difficult times. Going further from the video, he then verbalized his mother's last wish before she died last year when she succumbed to cancer. Baron's mother told him to change because he will definitely encounter more confrontations with his family members in the future.
Celebrity Baron Frederick Von Geisler
Baron Frederick Von Geisler is a famous celebrity in the Philippines. At the age of 35, he already made numerous television appearances in soap operas, commercials, and gigs. He started acting at the age of 15 when he became a regular cast of ABS-CBN's Ang TV sitcom. Baron is a recipient of 4th Cinemalaya's Best Actor Award in 2008 and winning Best Single Performance for PMPC (Philippine Movie Press Club)Awards in 2005. However, his acting career faded since he suffered from a substance abuse. Here are the 5 Trending Facts about Celebrity Actor Baron Geisler.

1. Baron made a fresh altercation with his family members. In his latest video, Baron reiterated that he just made a fresh altercation with family members. They are  Grace Geisler, Ana Pineda Geisler, and brother-in-law Michael Robinston Morales. Baron sustained bruises and injuries that are mostly concentrated on the right side of his face. Upon the police report, Baron sustained a physical injury to his face. The altercation occurred inside their home in Barangay Pampang, Angeles City. Despite the incident, Baron still forgives them as they are still his family member no matter what happens.

2. He is the "Bad Boy" of the Philippine Entertainment industry. No matter where you assign Baron Geisler to any corners of the entertainment industry, you will hear different colors of controversies. Baron made numerous unacceptable behaviors that made his own career into a fuss. His previous offenses from artists, managers, and citizens resulted in a serious consequence to his professional career as an actor. The PAMI (Professional Artist Management Incorporated) ordered a ban on Geisler, preventing him from being offered to several acting jobs. At the moment, Baron is currently a freelance entertainment personality and willing to accept any offers.

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WATCH: 5 Trending Facts about Celebrity Actor Baron Geisler

3. Geisler previously suffered from substance abuse. Barron Geisler was observed to be taking alcoholic beverages heavily. During the past promotional events of his television projects, he was often seen drinking too many intoxicating beverages. His dependency on psychostimulating beverages and substances affected his professional career. The actor also resorted to illicit substances that further deteriorated his personality. The main reason is that illicit substances contains chemically formulated mixtures that are responsible for destroying the natural physiology of the nervous system for users. He then went to rehab for at least six months.

4. Deteriorated working and social relationships with celebrities. Geisler started to feel a tighter social relationship with other celebrities. When he started taking illicit substances and psychostimulating beverages, his professional conduct deteriorated with his talent agency and managers. Talent management agencies became disappointed with his behaviors, which decided to limit his television or movie projects. The actor was involved with acts of lasciviousness case against Cherry Pie Picache and an altercation with Kiko Matos. He was even accused of urinating on Ping Medina during a movie taping. Right now, Baron is no longer receiving more projects due to his past misconducts to other celebrities.

5. Involved in several legal cases. Baron Geisler was reported numerous times to the authorities. The actor was caught having a heated argument with a bouncer in a bar establishment in Pampanga. Baron was also arrested after having another heated argument with his neighbor near his home in Pampanga. Geisler was also caught in a video having a confrontation with a passenger utility vehicle along the stretch of North Expressway last 2017. In addition, he went berzerk when he was hired by a team of college students when they were taping for a project in partial fulfillment of the student's major subject requirement.

Question: Even if Baron made numerous mistakes, will you still forgive him and give him a second chance?

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