Miss Universe is expected to be held earlier this year. Pageant insiders are hinting that the next edition of Miss Universe beauty pageant this year might be held in the month of September. The date will be held earlier than expected among pageant fans and enthusiasts, which be hosted by a country that was previously managed by a closed society. Now that this country is now opening its doors to all international organizations and institution, it is ready to host events to cater international relations with other nationalities from other parts of the world. If this really happens, it will be the first time that the country will host the most prestigious pageant in the universe.

It has been rumored that the next edition of Miss Universe beauty pageant is set to be in China. This country is seriously considering to host the largest beauty pageant event that is usually hosted by its American counterpart. China hopes that one day, this country will be known to the world as one of the friendliest country to host an event that attracts beauty pageant enthusiasts. The Miss Universe Organization is seriously considering China's inclusion as one of the most suitable countries to host the next edition of the pageant. China's officials and private companies will not undergo a series of interviews and deliberations before they will acquire the spot to host the pageant this year.
Miss Universe 2018 might be in China
China is not a stranger hosting international beauty pageants. The country already hosted other major international beauty pageants across the mainland. The People's Republic of China recently hosted Miss World that was won by India. Aside from Miss World, China also hosted Miss International in 2011 when it crowned Fernanda Cornejo from Ecuador. There are other minor international beauty pageants that were held in China such as Miss Tourism International. Here are 6 Reasons why China might host Miss Universe 2018.

1. The government officials in Hangzhou is seriously bidding to host the pageant. Both public and the private sectors of Hangzhou is considering to host the pageant. This highly urbanized area in China wants to become the first ever city to host Miss Universe 2018. The resource person in the city is currently in talks with the staff of Miss Universe Organization to materialize the hosting of the event. Hangzhou is located in a temperate area above the tropic of Capricorn, which experiences four seasonal climates. This area in China will be transitioning from Summer to Autumn and will let the candidates experience the autumn solstice when it will be held in September.

2. China wants to boost its tourism industry through the pageant. China is the third largest country in the world. This nation has tens of thousands of tourist attractions that are waiting to be visited by foreign tourists. The People's Republic of China is aware that hosting Miss Universe is not an ordinary task. Hosting Miss Universe generates a phenomenal number of visitors from around the world to watch the event. China will bolster its tourism campaign to attract visitors from Asia, Latin America, and Europe, which has some of the largest chunks of travelers roaming across the globe. China wants to intensify its presence to tourists as a way to increase foreign travelers who will be planning to visit the country.

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3. China wants to dominate the beauty pageant industry. China already hosted two large beauty pageants in history. These are Miss World and Miss International that was already held several times in this century. China is aiming to host other international pageants such as Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss Grand International, Miss Intercontinental, Miss Globe, and Miss Supranational in the future. Aside from hosting an international beauty pageant, the country might have a new set of Chinese winners who will clinch the most coveted crowns in their home court. Who knows, the next Miss Universe winner will be from China.

4. The People's Republic of China wants to introduce its culture to the world. China is now enjoying its position as a country transitioning into an open market society from its former communist rule. Indigent Chinese groups and modern Chinese residents want to show to the universe its culture and lifestyle. Chinese residents are willing to share their culinary artistry to the world and wants international visitors to enjoy several cuisines to international palatines. The unique architecture, landmarks, and the fashion taste of Chinese will be experienced by international visitors who want to travel and experience how life is going on in China.

5. China is the Second Richest country in the world. Since the People's Republic of China entered the capitalist society from its former communist rule, the economy of the country significantly increased. The country's economic boom produced a significant number of billionaires across the nation. There are numerous large-scale organizations who are now responsible for helping the country to transition from an agricultural nation into a highly industrialized society. Each urban areas across the country established different engineered facilities that are available for hosting every event of Miss Universe beauty pageant.

6. Miss Universe Organization will save a significant amount of money. There are tens of thousands of elite societies in each metropolitan areas across China. These are businessmen who are willing to sponsor all activities and events planned by the Miss Universe Organization. Businessmen in China knew that their company can benefit significantly when they will take part in any activity or events of Miss Universe beauty pageant, especially if it will be held in China. If the plan works well, except that both the private and public sectors will collaborate efficiently and accurately with the Miss Universe Organization to host the pageant.

Right now, the plan to become a reality is still underway. Both the resource persons in Hangzhou and the Miss Universe Organizations are in the process of the planning phase. Once all conditions between the two parties are amenable, this means that the next pageant will be held in China that will take place sometime in September or even in August.

If both the resource persons from Hangzhou and the Miss Universe Organization failed to meet terms and conditions, China might not be considered as the next host. Other countries who want to host Miss Universe are Australia, Philippines, and the United States.

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