You will already know that once a pageant event already serenaded its candidates for the national costume show, the coronation night is already weeks away from now. The Binibining Pilipinas just held its National Costume Segment at Kia Theatre in Smart Araneta Coliseum on the 4th of March, 2018. Aside from the National Costume presentation, the candidates featured the latest collections of Jag in a Jeans fashion segment of the event. The audience and pageant fans were able to witness different regional garments worn by the candidates as each design represented their fashion culture from all around the Philippines.

The national costume presentation is an important symbol of cultural diversity for events like the Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant. The candidates are given the opportunity to showcase their cultural heritage in the name of their native fashion and to allow designers to show their creativity. Audiences from both local and international scene are able to become more knowledgeable how people around the Philippines wear their traditional costume. Each costume is designed by talented artists who already dressed previous candidates from the Philippines and abroad. After the official 40 candidates of the Binibining Pilipinas 2018 presented their national costumes, who do you think wore the best design?
Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Top 10 Best in National Costume
The Binibining Pilipinas proudly presented its national costume presentation to the audience. The main purpose of the event is to showcase the creativity and uniqueness of Philippine culture through the use of a fashion show. The creative national costume represents the fashion branch of a certain culture in the Philippines. The audiences are blessed to see specific designs from the headdress, main dress, footwear, and the props of each national costume. After the presentation, the Binibining Pilipinas have already selected some of the best designs. Here are the Top 10 Best in National Costume for Binibining Pilipinas 2018.

Binibini #4 Ana Patricia Asturias. Binibini #4 wore a flowy white national costume. She flaunted in front of the audience with her shimmering white motif costume design. The designer responsible for the dress is Dave Ocampo. The design resembles a Muslim princess attending a formal event. The costume appears neat that is encapsulated by the white shade that brightens the mood of anyone looking at the costume. The elegance of the design highlights the overall package of the national costume worn by Ana Patricia Asturias. The whole costume is blanketed by a large piece of the white shoal that is locked by her headdress.

Binibini #11 Maria Andrea Abesamis. Aya's costume has a vibrant national costume that colors the dark environment of the Kia Theater. Chico Estiva created the design to further maximizes the diverse appearance of the costume for candidate number 11. The design a set of golden sharp daggers that transformed into a fan on her pair of hands and one at the top of her head that could be used as a weapon to slash her aggressors. The silhouette shaped design creates an intricate margin that shows the shape of Aya Abesamis. The color combination is well blended to transform the candidate into a diversified woman in the modern society.

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Binibini #18 Rosantonette Mendoza. The aura of this candidate makes her as the flapping creature of the jungle with a pair of small veils on her hands with a golden headdress.Ryan Uson Ablaza designed the costume for Rosantonette. This costume makes us remember Maxine Medina during the preliminary competition when she wore that emerald green gown. The dress is made with tens of thousands of fringes that makes it appear like a dancing creature of the jungle. This is because she does not only flaps her arms, she can also shiver to highlight the fringes of her dress.

Binibini #19 Michelle Gumabao. Michelle walked on stage appeared so regal with her black-colored Filipinana gown. She wore Mat Manila's black Filipinana design. The color is the most interesting part of this costume. It made Michelle look like a black swan that can strike fast like a rattlesnake. This dress represents the rebel Filipiniana design that challenges the traditional conservative creations from past designers. The black color represents strength, surprise, and a striking appeal that makes Michelle memorable.

Binibini #20 Catriona Elisa Gray. The design wore by Catriona Gray made her like a saint that marks a 100% creativity score. The designer of the costume is Jearson Demavivas. The costume transformed Catriona Elisa Gray into a life-size statue of Virgin Mary. The only difference is that it is a free-moving object that is personified by Catriona. Her presence indicates that every sinner should repent as soon as possible in order to cleanse their spirit including their temple. The design is unique because it is different from the traditional wave of Filipiniana costumes.

Binibini #29 Samantha Kaye Avestruz. This national costume is interesting because of the design's contrasting blend between the smooth and rough details. The gifted designer is Nick Guarino. The most distinctive feature of this costume is the headdress. The piece appears to be the other half of a dried Venus Fly Trap. The only exception is that resembles like a piece of a very large Venus Fly Trap. So when there is either a crawling or flying insect that will land on the head of the candidate, that piece will flip to shove away the creature. The fabric of the showcases a mosaic design, making it a very unique recycled Filipiniana.

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Binibini # 30 Sarah Margarette Joson. The uniqueness of this national costume represents a T'boli culture in the island of Mindanao. The design is made by Jay-R Gamboa Flores, emphasizing the cultural blend of the culture to an indigent group in Mindanao. The best feature of this costume is the headdress and the wooden guitar, making her as the first indigent rock superstar and a recording artist. Every detail is unique that can be observed from the fabric of the material. Overall, the combination of all styles and features makes a spectacle that could win an award.

#Binibini #31 Jehza Huelar. The striking Filipinana of Jezha Huelar makes it more interesting. This is because it makes Jehza to just came out from the deep blue sea, which is the most beautiful creature of the Philippine Trench. The dress is made up of a very visible royal blue color that calms the noisy environment in Kia Theater. The designer is Neil Patrick Eminiani. The gown's dominating royal blue color was made with a touch of an Earth' colored ethnic fabric that snakes the central portion of the dress. The combination of a conservative Filipiniana with ethnic touch indicates the diversity of Filipino culture.

#Binibini #33 Stephanie Joy Abellanida. The overall package of this design makes Stephanie appears to be the ethnic Phoenix of Mindanao's jungles, which is the sorcerer of the Royal Kingdom. The designer is Archie Castillo. The magical Sarimanok headdress and the golden motif of the costume make her as the goddess of the virgin forest who can turn plants into gold. The contrasting colors indicate that the Phoenix is only active during the night while monitoring the environment. The ethnic phoenix can reward gold for good people while she can deliver a black power for people who are harsh to the environment.

#Binibini #35 Sandra Lemonon. This costume transforms Sandra into a warrior princess of the Philippine Rainforest. The designer is Edwin Uy, who also included a fire spear to highlight the elemental powers of the warrior princess. Her headdress represents her crown made from gemstones that represent Earth, Water, Air, and Metal. The golden color of the costume represents royalty as it highlights the position of the warrior princess as a significant protector of the jungle. This costume is also a good contender.

Question: Which costume is the best among these top 10 finalists?

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