Every designer has their own story in the fashion industry. Designers usually experienced multiple strained relationships with the past candidates and other organization due to a variety of personal and professional factors. Some designers are now already careful about choosing the right candidates or clients whenever they create a new long gown or a dress. There are other designers who want to make sure to determine the sincerity of their clients to hire them before a new working relationship will push through. Some still fail to establish a rapport while other designers become successful to let a certain candidate shine like a queen for whatever affair that they attend or participate.

This is the story behind the golden long gown of Catriona Gray. The gown was elemental for Catriona because it helped her win the best in long gown award during the coronation night of Binibining Pilipinas 2018. The motif of the gown perfectly matches the skin tone of Catriona as she sweeps the center stage during her time serenade the judges and the crowd. Her stage presence is so strong that is complemented by the shimmering crystals that are refracted by the dancing lights in front of the stage. It was clearly her moment as she showcased the masterpiece of Mak Tumang's creation while competing for the most beautiful woman in the Philippines.
Catriona Gray's Golden Gown
Catriona Gray is the official representative of Binibining Pilipinas 2018. She bested other 40 contestants during the coronation night of the pageant. She is expected to represent the Philippines for the Miss Universe 2018 beauty pageant that will be held this year. It is not clear if Mak Tumang is still the official designer of Catriona Gray. This depends upon her main handler, which is the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated who will be choosing her team of stylists and trainers.

From the post of Mak Tumang in his Facebook account, he shared the story behind the gown he designed for Catriona Gray. Before the competition, Catriona Gray messaged him and asked if he could be her designer. That was in the third week of December when Catriona decided to join another national pageant. Mak Tumang made a screenshot of his conversation with Catriona. At first, he was kinda unapproachable to Catriona because he thought that she might be some other girls who are just trying to bargain or to give him false hopes. This is because Mak Tumang had a variety of bad experiences from past candidates including a certain camp.

After analyzing his conversation with Catriona Gray, Mak Tumang felt Catriona's sincerity. So he decided to make it a try. Mak Tumang then reminded Catriona that the gown he will be designing is not a choice for Catriona. He indicated that he will be sacrificing his time and money just to create a new masterpiece. Catriona responded immediately, stating that she already decided that he will be her official final night designer for her gown. Both Catriona and Mak Tumang did not know that this was the beginning of their fruitful relationship as a candidate and as a designer.

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Mak Tumang is certainly aware that Catriona Gray is the strongest candidate vying for Binibining Pilipinas Universe crown. As an established fashion designer, he carefully studied Catriona's curves and angles to create the perfect gown during the finals night. He created a golden gown that is measured at least six feet from the shoulder up to its tip to the ground. The designer posted the timeline of his masterpiece for Catriona from scratch until the final output. One of the most distinct accessories of the gown is the Swarovski crystals embedded around the exterior part of the gown.

On March 18, 2018, this was the moment when Catriona Gray is now vying for the crown, she was called as one of the top 25 finalists. Catriona showcased her gown to show the world how the gown looks elegant and stylish. The piece transformed Catriona Gray into a golden queen in front of the audience. After the swimsuit and the gown competition. It was time for the minor awards. Catriona Bagged both the National Costume and the Swimsuit award. And then the hosts announced her name as the winner of the Best in Long Gown award. Catriona Gray made her designer proud by successfully displaying her regal aura with the help of Mak Tumang.

At the end of Mak Tumang's story, he made a cryptic message to see all pageant fans for Miss Universe. Since the BPCI (Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated) is no longer hiring foreign gown designers, there is a big possibility that Mak Tumang will also design the dress of Miss Universe Philippines 2018, Catriona Gray. However, it is still at the discretion of BPCI on who will be the official designer of their representatives to six international beauty pageants. The BPCI is expected to deliberate if whether the designers of the official representatives will still dress them in their international pageants or there will be one designer who will dress all six candidates.


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