If there is one candidate that can truly perform during the coronation night is no other than Binibini #38 Karen Gallman. After a series of screening made by the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated, they officially selected her as one of the final 40 candidates vying for a crown. As a contender, this contestant is now ready to grace the stage, especially during the finals night of the Binibining Pilipinas. This candidate is believed to be one of the most exciting ladies that already gained numerous fans all over the Philippines. This candidate is also generating another wave of pageant supporters from the international stage.

Karen Gallman is a potential candidate who is vying for a crown for Binibining Pilipinas crown. Who knows, she might be bagging the highest placement of the 2018 edition of the pageant. This candidate is slowly gaining momentum as the pageant is just a few days away from the crown. However, she should be aware that there are other stunners that she should watch out for. These stunners might risk her chances of claiming one of the six or perhaps five crowns. They are Binibini #1 Vickie Rushton, Binibini #11 Aya Abesamis, Binibini #14 Samantha Bernardo, Binibini #19 Michelle Gumabao, Binibini #20 Catriona Gray, Binibini #Eva Patalinjug, and Binibini #33 Stephani Joy Abellanida.
Karen Gallman
Karen Gallman is a stunner from Ubay, Bohol. Her family and she migrated to Australia. She then continued her academic degree until she graduated in the University of Queensland with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. She stands 5 feet and six inches tall. After her stint in the Binibining Pilipinas or her overall beauty pageant career, Karen hopes to continue her professional career in London or somewhere else. What are the chances for Binibini #38 Karen Gallman for Binibining Pilipinas?

1. She could bag the most coveted title. It will be a possibility that Karen Gallman will bag Miss Universe-Philippines crown or Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2018. Other former queens observed that the momentum of Karen Gallman is getting stronger and stronger each day. Her full momentum came out during the Grand Parade of Binibining Pilipinas 2018 in Araneta Center. Pageant fans were amazed by her full transformation, which was just a few days away to the coronation night. Do you believe Karen Gallman will really bag the Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2018 crown?

2. Karen Gallman can bag other crowns. This girl is believed as one of the strongest ladies who can really win any of the crowns for the Binibining Pilipinas 2018. It is every candidate's dream to win any of the crowns for the Binibining Pilipinas 2018. If Karen will fail to clinch the Binibining Pilipinas-Universe crown, Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International is best for her. She is sassy, classy, and edgy who can best represent the Philippines for the upcoming Miss Grand International 2018 beauty pageant that might be held in Myanmar. Who knows, she might be the first Filipina to win Miss Grand International 2018 if ever.

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3. As a runner-up. In any case that her answer did not convince the judges during the final question and answer, Karen Gallman might end up being awarded as one of the runners-up. The privilege as a runner-up is that Karen is still included with the benefits that a runner-up receives for the entire year. Karen will be featured along with the newly crowned queens in upcoming interviews by local media. The most interesting part is that runners-up are a reservist for any crowned candidate who fails to fulfill her duties and responsibilities. Do you believe that Karen will also end up as one of the runners-up?

4. Semifinalist girl. Karen Gallman was already one of the Top 15 finalists when she first joined Binibining Pilipinas in 2012. Janine Tugonon won during that time as Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2012. Since her full transformation during the Grand Parade, Karen was privileged enough to show to the society that she should not be taken for granted as one of the contenders. The only thing that she should be watching out is the question and answer. This is because every word counts during that moment, who will make a significant impact on their career and personal life in the future.

5. Clapper. This is a term for a candidate who failed to penetrate the semifinalist in a competition. In the case of Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant, there are at least 15 lucky contestants who will be rooting for the six crowns including the runners-up positions. However, this will be one of the worst-case scenarios for Karen Gallman. We hope that she will not fail in this competition because she prepared for several years before joining the pageant for the second time. Do you believe Karen Gallman will not make it to the semifinals of Binibining Pilipinas 2018?

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