Newbie pageant fans are already cheering for the newly crowned queens for Binibining Pilipinas 2018. However, some are not aware that there is still one last Filipina candidate from 2017 batch who is vying for her luck to represent the country in an international pageant. This is no other than Cynthia Magpatoc Thomalia, who is currently in Egypt while representing the Philippines for Miss Eco-International 2018. Cynthia is the last woman from the batch of Miss World Philippines 2017 queens that was crowned last year in SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Cynthia Thomalia is hoping to become the last charm for the Philippines to bring a crown for the Philippines. Since she is the last queen of 2017 who is now currently representing the country, she is now poised to bring her best game to stand out from the crowd. This is the first time that the Philippines sent a delegate to the newly organized international pageant. Cynthia Thomalia is the first woman from the Miss World Philippines Organization to be lucky enough to be sent to an international pageant. Previous winners were not sent to international pageant as the previous national director has yet to avail for a membership in some international pageants.
Cynthia Magpatoc Thomalia
Miss Eco International is a new pageant that is organized by Amaal Rezk. The current headquarters of the pageant is in Cairo Egypt. The pageant began in 2015 wherein it crowned Patricia Peklar of Solvenia. The reigning Miss Eco International is Amber Bernachi from Canada. The main vision of Miss Eco International Organization is to "Make the World Green". The pageant has a similar advocacy to Miss Earth, which is an important collaborative measure to preserve the Earth's environment.

Cynthia Thomalia is blessed to represent her country for Miss Eco-International 2018. She is thankful to be part of another environmentalist pageant who wants to preserve the environment. Cynthia became one of the most followed candidates in the pageant. She was included as one of the top 15 for the Resorts Wear competition. Cynthia was also included as part of the top 15 Creative Wear competition, unleashing her national costume attire. These two inclusions is already an important achievement as she will be surely included in the top 15 semifinalists during the coronation night of the pageant.

The road to Miss Eco-International 2018 crown is not an easy task for Cynthia Thomalia. Her tough competitors are from Peru, Venezuela, which are very experienced candidates vying for the crown.Cynthia is now asking for your support so that she can surely secure a spot for the Top 15 semifinalist. The votes enable a certain candidate to have the chance to make their country proud by being enlisted in the semifinalist round. Cynthia's most competitive online competitor is the candidate from Vietnam with more than 410K votes followed by Indonesia with almost 100K votes. The Philippines is catching up on the third place with 90K votes.

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Miss Eco-International 2018 Winner

Cynthia Thomalia is one of the darlings of the crowd since she landed in Egypt to vie for the crown. At first, pageant analysts were disappointed on how she carried her styling during the first days of the pageant. However, she slowly progressed into a blossoming candidate that further gained attention to the judges and other pageant fans. She then managed to be included as one of the Top 15 semifinalists in the first two events. This makes her as a potential candidate to win the crown. However, Miss Peru is her most competitive candidate as she already won Miss World University in 2016.

Cynthia's other edge is her English proficiency level where she can nail the question and answer portion during the later stages in the competition. Latinas are the main competitors due to their superb Pasarela skills, complete package preparation, and for being veterans in the world of pageantry. Cynthia's communication skills should be watched out in this pageant. She is very articulate with her answers and is willing to answer direct questions without being coached.


If you know that a candidate is well-prepared and then ended up as a runner-up in a pageant, this means that this has something to do with their answer to the final question. Sometimes, a candidate that is considered as the one to beat suddenly feels the pressure during the final questioning. A front-runner may experience sudden mental block whenever they will feel the pressure while facing the audience. This is usually called as stage fright, which could make a person feel anxious while facing the crowd.

Cynthia Thomalia could have a strong chance to land as one of the runners-up in the conclusion of the pageant. She is a well-spoken ambassadress of Miss World Philippines. She can quickly analyze all questions and can instantly deliver an entertaining answer to impress all pageant fans and the judges. However, nobody is perfect, all answers are opinionated because it tests the logical capacity and the ability of a person to organize her thoughts in front of the crowd. If Cynthia landed as a runner-up, then her answer did not impress the judges.


Miss Eco-International beauty pageant adapts other international beauty pageant standard wherein it selects the first 15 contestants for the semifinals round. The chance for Cynthia Thomalia for entering the top 15 is absolute. We can see that there are two strong evidence that will surely increase her chances for penetrating the first screening of the pageant. Since there are only a few contestants vying for the crown, it is an easy task for Cynthia to outshine other delegates throughout the competition that makes her more interesting.

Cynthia trained for several months before competing to Miss Eco-International 2018. She has the longest training session by the chosen beauty pageant camp by Arnold Vegrafria, which is the national director of Miss World Philippines. He makes sure that Cynthia will continue the winning streaks of Miss World Philippines queens under his directorship. This will be a huge possibility since Winwyn Marquez won Reina HispanoAmericana 2017 and Sophia Senoron won Miss Multinational 2017.


This is the least expected scenario that can happen to Cynthia Thomalia for Miss Eco International 2017. Every candidate in the competition doesn't want to be in this category. Everybody is hopeful that they will be included in the top 15 of the beauty pageant. Their main reason is to have the chance to reveal themselves as one of the most deserving candidates that can possibly bring home the crown to their country.

Cynthia Thomalia's minor controversy is all about her linkage with Bea Santiago and Maggie Wilson-Cosunji. This was when both Bea and Maggie was caught having an alleged "body-critic" statement against Miss Universe Philippines 2018 Catriona Gray. Netizens were taking her comment negatively regarding her comment on Bea and Maggie's statements towards Catriona. Cynthia is also worried that this might affect her bearing for Miss Eco-International 2018.

QUESTION: What are the Chances of Cynthia Thomalia for Miss Eco-International 2018?

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