The Binibining Pilipinas 2018 conclusion is one of the most anticipated batches for international beauty pageants. The latest conclusion of the pageant is believed to make a promising fate for the new batch of six queens who will be competing for several international beauty pageants. Catriona Gray is expected to clinch the highest crown, which is the Binibining Pilipinas Universe crown who could make a sure placement for Miss Universe 2018. Aside from Catriona, there is another woman who can show a promising place for the upcoming edition of Miss International 2018. She is no other than Maria Ahtisa Manalo.

Madame Stella Araneta and the staff of BPCI (Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated) made the right choice for choosing Ahtisa Manalo. She is said to be the most adored contenders for Miss International beauty pageant. After the coronation night, pageant fans all over the world realized that she is another goddess who can make a difference for Miss International 2018. Supporters of Ahtisa Manalo believes that she can be the seventh Miss International winner from the Philippines this 2018. If this happens, it will be the best gift for the BPCI and the Philippine pageantry groups because another Filipinas will mark a historic placement for Miss International.
Maria Ahtisa Manalo
Miss International is one of the oldest international beauty pageants in the world. The pageant started since 1960's decade as a way to promote diversity for women. The pageant is being held annually to select the most beautiful person on an international stage. Ahtisa Manalo will be trying her luck as she is set to compete for Miss International 2018 that will be held in the latter part of 2018. The question is, will she grab the 7th crown for the Philippines? And the answer is yes.

What makes Ahtisa Manalo so inspired to become a beauty queen? When she was watching Binibining Pilipinas in 2013, 2014 and 2015, Ahtisa noticed returning ladies who brought charm on their second or third attempts. Among all these returning queens, Pia Wurtzbach captured her heart. The third Pinas Miss Universe winner gave so much inspiration to Ahtisa that she started planning to become a full-fledged beauty queen. Ahtisa believes that Pia is so influential that she became more interested in beauty pageants. Before Pia Wurtzbach, Ahtisa started her interests in beauty pageantry when earlier beauty queens such as Venus Raj broke the placement drought for the Philippines in Miss Universe.

Maria Ahtisa realized that she can also make a difference in her life by becoming a future beauty queen someday. She stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall and has the doll-face feature that can make her a potential candidate for any pageant that she wants to join. Ahtisa's unique charm landed herself into the hands of beauty pageant gurus and trainers. Ahtisa participated in local beauty pageants in the Philippines and then elevated into both regionals and national beauty pageant. And now, Ahtisa is now set to represent the Philippines for Miss International. Ahtisa is currently undergoing a rigorous training regimen along with other candidates before going to Japan to represent the country.

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WATCH: Will Ahtisa Manalo win Miss International 2018?

As a Miss International 2018 winner

No doubt, Maria Ahtisa Manalo could be the next Pinay Miss International winner this year. She has been preparing to become the next generation beauty queen by winning an international crown and bringing home the pride of her nation. If this will happen, Ahtisa will now secure the first spot, sharing with Venezuela with seven crowns. She is ready and still undergoing training to ensure a spot in Miss International 2018. There is a significant number of pageant analysts who believe that this woman can bring vengeance to Mariel's failure to reach the top 15 semifinals during the previous edition of Miss International.

Ahtisa Manalo resembles like Kylie Versoza, the 6th Pinay Miss International winner in 2016 from the Philippines. Her beauty is what Miss International Organization is perfectly looking for. Maria Ahtisa has that goddess vibe that pageant fanatics didn't quickly realize that this girl's beauty is indispensable. Her charming glory is the key to win the pageant with no hesitations. With just one look at any staff of Miss International Organization, this Pinay beauty can quickly gain numerous fans and champions Japanese support based.

Landing as a runner-up

Miss International broadens their runner-up placements from two to four. These are the ladies who deliver the most impressive answer but still fell short to win the crown for the country. If the stars made an incomplete alignment for this woman, she might land as one of the runners-up in the competition. The Philippines has been observed to be either placing as the winner of Miss International or landing as one of the semifinalists. This means that the country is now overdue for a runner-up placement for Miss International.

Landing as one of the runners-up takes a heavy responsibility for any candidate participating in Miss International. Ahtisa needs to nail the oratorical style of delivering her speech when she will be called as one of the semifinalists in the competition. The usual question asked to all semifinalists is "Why should you be the next Miss International this year". Obviously, the answer will not only indicate that you will become an ambassadress or become an inspiration. This edition of the pageant is really searching for a new queen who can embody the style and the diverse culture of Miss International Organization.

As a semi-finalist

Miss International beauty pageant is a worldwide competition that has an average number of 70 and above participants. Each year, the number of delegates are expected to increase. There are new countries who are now rendering their application to become new entrants to the beauty pageant. This means that the competition becomes tougher and more challenging. Each candidate should be in their perfect form in order to penetrate the top 15 semifinalists. A candidate who is less prepared and does not show its competitive form will have lesser chances of penetrating the semifinalist position during the pageant.

Ahtisa Manalo is now currently undergoing a rigorous beauty pageant training in order to reach her perfect form as a strong contender in the pageant. She must have to learn more about the proper techniques in Pasarela in order to drive her confidence into a superb level. Her styling and stage presence is always important because it stimulates attraction to charm the Japanese fan base as well as to influence the judges. This girl is seriously learning more about the Japanese culture to prevent culture shock or miscommunication risks when she will be in the area.

The thought of discipline for the Japanese people

Japanese are some of the most disciplined individuals in the world. The essence of patience is very important for all Japanese people as part of their culture. This is one of the most critical issues that every candidate must have to consider. The character of a person is very important because it stimulates the possibility of reflecting their future role as a queen whenever they will be traveling the world and representing the Miss International Organization. Japanese people are constantly monitoring the identity and personality of each person in order to qualify them to become one of the top 15 semifinalists.

In any case that the candidate has been performing unfavorably before participating the pageant, their chances of penetrating to the top 15 will never materialize. The main reasons are that the Japanese reject anything unprofessional or unethical characters that might cause a disturbance to their image. If they find a candidate harsh, they will immediately mark that particular person to be under observation until the last day before selecting the top 15. Any unruly behavior even in social media can immediately cause a red flag to a candidate who could cause a nuisance to their image.

QUESTION: Will Ahtisa Manalo really win Miss International 2018? Or she will land as a runner-up in the competition?

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