Miss Universe beauty pageant is the most sought international beauty contest. Even if there are still months to wait before the pageant takes place, pageant enthusiasts are excited to know about the current progress of the pageant. This is because pageantry is one of the major events in the world that selects the most beautiful woman in the universe. Candidates who just reached the semifinalist round is a significant achievement not only for that contestant but also for the country that they represent. If your delegate is chosen as one of the semifinalists, it will help increase exposure to the country that they represent.

The tentative schedule of Miss Universe has just been announced to be held on the 25th of November this 2018. The Miss Universe Organization is still yet to announce the official venue of the event, which will be determined after a few months. The organization is currently waiting for the approval of their prefered countries to host the pageant. Miss Universe Organization is currently looking for a new country where it can host the latest edition of the pageant. There are already pre-selected countries who are viable to host Miss Universe beauty pageant that could showcase their country's natural resources, cultures, and attractions.
Miss Universe 2018
Miss Universe is the most in-demand international beauty pageant in the world. The pageant has annual 90-plus participants from all over the world. The new entrant in this edition is Mongolia and possibly Armenia. There are still several months to wait for other countries who want to pledge their participation for Miss Universe beauty pageant. The question is, are you excited to watch Miss Universe 2018?

The Miss Universe Organization hinted that the next edition of the pageant is set to have an earlier schedule. This means that the pageant will be held anytime this summer of 2018. The target months will be between June and August of this year. The proposed or planned new schedule is to catch up with the summer break in the northern hemisphere where it has the most number of viewers. National pageant handlers prompted their respective local pageants to set an earlier schedule. This is in preparation for their candidates who will be sent to international competitions. Having an earlier scheduled date prevents any hassle of rushing the candidate's preparation.

With the announcement of Miss Universe Organization that will be set on November 25, 2018. Pageant handlers from their respective countries still doubt this tentative schedule. This is for the reason that the organization is still looking for the perfect place to host the pageant. China is just waiting for the go signal of Miss Universe Organization to host the event. This is similar with Peru, the Philippines, United States, Australia, South Africa, and Thailand. Other countries that could probably host Miss Universe 2018 are South Africa and Egypt. The final decision will be finalized within the summer solstice of the Northern Hemisphere or the Winter Solstice of the Southern hemisphere.

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1. China. This new superpower in terms of economic and political power is interested in hosting the next edition of Miss Universe 2018 beauty pageant. Hangzhou is the preferred area where it will host the international pageant. This country has the facility, manpower, technology, natural tourist attraction, and the money to bolster the hosting event of the pageant. The Miss Universe Organization was invited to visit the area to showcase the capability of the city to host the most prestigious pageant in the universe. The staff of Miss Universe Organization along with the private and public officials met to discuss the possible hosting of the event.

2. The Philippines. The Miss Universe Organization already forwarded their proposal for another hosting of the pageant in the country. The organization is just waiting for the approval of President Rodrigo Duterte by just signing the memorandum to switch the green light. The proposal was submitted even before Demi-Leigh Nel Peters was crowned in November of 2017. The Philippine President hinted that the hosting of the Philippines will be a possibility right after the rehabilitation of Boracay Island, which will be reopened in October or November.

3. Australia. Since last year, there are private companies who are already pledging their intent to host the next edition of Miss Universe. The involved organizations are willing to offer several tourist attractions in Australis to pave way for the next hosting of Miss Universe beauty pageant. Australia is a diverse country that is now the melting pot of all cultures around the world. The last time that this country hosted Miss Universe was in 1979 at Perth Australia wherein it crowned Maritza Sayalero of Venezuela. After the coronation night, a part of the stage collapsed, injuring at least two contestants during the coronation night.

4. Peru. This is the most enthusiastic Latin country at the present that is now willing to host the next edition of Miss Universe beauty pageant. While other Latin countries are busy rebuilding their political, economic, and security, Peru is ready to host an international event. The country is willing to showcase its natural heritage sites for the candidates to experience the ancient Peruvian civilization. The candidates are able to witness the ruins of the Machu Pichu relic site. The culture, cuisine, language, and the arts of Peruvian lifestyle will be presented to the universe once it will be approved by the Miss Universe Organization to host the event.

5. Thailand. This country can give us a surprise when it will probably host Miss Universe 2018. If all goes wrong for other Asian countries, Thailand is probably the best Asian alternative to host the next edition of the pageant. Everybody knows that this country offers the best resorts in the world with cheap commodities. The Miss Universe Organization will never go wrong if they will decide to let Thailand host the event perhaps this November. The tropical warm climate of this nation is suitable for all ages to experience the tropical paradise of Asia located near the equator.

6. South Africa. The reigning Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel Peters hails from Cape Town, South Africa. The Miss Universe Organization might as well give pageant analysts a surprise because this country is capable of hosting international events such as Miss Universe. Keep in mind that the country already hosted the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The stadiums that were built across the country can host several events of Miss Universe such as the coronation night, preliminary competition and national competition that can accommodate tens of thousands of spectators.

7. Egypt. This country is regaining its tourism industry by hosting numerous international events. The country lost its tourism glory since the staging of Arab Spring since 2012. It lost a significant amount of heritage sites due to the proliferation of multiple political-related conflicts that affected its tourism industry. It will not be a surprise if Egypt will submit a proposal for the Miss Universe Organization to host the next edition of the pageant. It can showcase its ancient Egyptian heritage sites, relics, and its pristine beaches of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea to the participants.

8. The United States. The Miss Universe Organization will hold back the pageant to the United States if there are no countries who will approve their proposal. This is the last resort if their prefered countries failed to fulfil their requirements to host the pageant. The most common area where the pageant will be held is in the Planet Hollywood Resorts in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States of America. This was where Demi-Leigh Nel Peters was crowned as the second woman from her country to win Miss Universe in 2017.

For now, the most probably countries to host Miss Universe are Peru, Australia, China and the Philippines. Either these two will surely host the pageant. The only thing that is hindering the go signal is the approval signature of the Philippine President and the Memorandum of agreement approval for MUO to let China host the pageant. Peru and Australia will be the alternative nations if both China and the Philippines neither approve the proposal nor failed to fulfil the requirements provided by the Miss Universe Organization.

QUESTION: In these eight countries, which is the best nation to host the next edition of Miss Universe?

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