Kris Aquino took another mass media attention after she posted a photo of her appearing so pale. Her fans and followers were shocked to see her different appearance on her social media. The public was not used to see the queen of all media looking unusual as can be seen in her latest photos on her Instagram account. This is because Kris Aquino always portrays herself gracefully by posting photos of her appearing fresh and glowing every time. Her fans then start to question why Kris posted a photo of her looking as if she ungraciously managed her physical appearance.

It was then revealed that the reason behind that unusual and ungracious appearance was due to a stressful betrayal by one of her most trusted friends. That particular friend of her was allegedly responsible for depleting her company's financial assets. As a former friend, she is very shocked to know that the person responsible for taking a significant amount of investments to her company. The intensity of the trauma impacted severely towards Kris Aquino that she poorly maintained her eating habits for at least more than six weeks. This is why she looks so pale and dull.
Queen of all media Kris Aquino
Kris Aquino made a statement through a video in her personal Instagram account. The actress mentioned that she always took pride in her professionalism, especially when dealing with financial transactions. The post is a way for her to express her feelings after discovering that one of her closest friends betrayed her in an unexpected way. Despite her post, she did not mention the name of the person responsible for her emotional sorrow for several days.

 In addition to the video, the actress reiterated that she is now ready to stand up for what is right. The celebrity vows to take the matter into a legal way since it involves a significant amount of money that was taken away from her. As based on the quote, Kris relates Christy Ann Martine's verse that she will not let pain to turn her heart unappealing. She wants to show to the world that surviving is always a beautiful act for standing up against circumstances that made you down. Kris is now currently negotiating with her legal team to plan and take further actions regarding her case to the court.

Lolit Solis was then quick to assemble the puzzle after learning about the situation of Kris Aquino. Under her nickname Manay, she then easily identified the main culprit, which is responsible for causing an emotional turbulence to Kris Aquino. Lolit identified the person as Nicko Falcis who was always with Kris Aquino when they arrange legal or business matters on the Kris Cojuanco Aquino Production's affairs. Manay is not anyway concerned because she has been a showbiz reporter for many decades. After all, she already surpassed numerous criticisms and legal battles regarding the way she delivers showbiz reports.

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Why Celebrity Kris Aquino looks broken in these photos?

To further discuss the issue, Nicko Falcis is the Managing Director of Kris Cojuanco Aquino Productions for several years until this issue broke off. Nicko is also a trusted financial consultant of Kris Aquino to arrange the company's assets and liabilities that benefits involved stakeholders. The two maintained a professional relationship until Kris discovered that there were some figures from her company's financial assets starts to behave abnormally. In addition to, Nicko Falcis is the brother of Attorney Jesus Falcis, who is a strong advocate for the LGBT community.

Immediate family of Nicko Falcis defended the allegations of Kris Aquino. The family members of Falcis indicated that the accusations made by Kris Aquino in her social media account towards Nicko has no concrete basis. Furthermore, they are saddened to hear what the actress is talking about, which is deeply hurtful to their feelings. The camp of Falcis is ready for any legal battles that the celebrity will file and they will face whatever consequences it may serve in this serious case.

Kris Aquino is currently in talks with her legal team to address the issue concerning her investment losses discovered in her company's asset performance. The case is currently reviewed by lawyers Florin Hilbay and Sigmund Fortun, which are experts in corporate laws. The legal team representing Kris Aquino are now hopeful that the consequences of the damages will be held upon by the camp of Nicko Falcis as it involves a serious ethical and legal issue.

The queen of all Media has no regrets for initiating the legal battle against her former trusted friend. She just wants to ensure the welfare of her kids in the future. She vowed to be always there for Bimby and Josh, who is suffering from autism that needs a lifetime rehabilitation and support. In addition, Kris Aquino is heavily investing for the future of her kids, which is why she is resorting into a legal battle to recover her investments.

If Kris Aquino fails to recover her investments, her company, which is Kris Cojuanco Productions, it can be at risk for halting its operations. The worst-case scenario is that the company might fall into bankruptcy, which is the most concerning result when the case favors Nicko Falcis.

Despite the odds between the two former friendship due to the battle of recovering lost investments, who will you support, Kris Aquino or Nicko Falcis?

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