Nowadays, if you are famous, there are a few things. The first thing is you have a talent to share to the public that usually inspires the younger and the middle-aged generation. Singers, artists, and entertainers are usually featured whenever they make tricks and outstanding performances in front of the camera or the public. These are singing, playing music using instruments, dance, or performing spectacular magic tricks that excite the emotions of the watchers. However, if you do nasty things, you can easily become an instant internet sensation even if you will defend yourself.

This is the case of OFW ACT Partylist Congressman Aniceto John Bertiz III. He instantly rose to fame a few minutes after his temper was caught by the CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) of the NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport). On September 30, 2018, the politician was seen raging towards the security personnel of the Airport's security scanning area. The temper of the congressman easily caught the attention of other passengers as he went verbally making a commotion with the NAIA staff as they continue their job. He even shoved his identification card to the personnel, stating that he is a Congressman.
OFW ACT Partylist Representative Aniceto John Bertiz III
With the help of CCTV footage, there are numerous incidents of raging individuals who are caught off guard. The main subjects in the video will soon realize that they made a mistake once footage that shows their behavior becomes viral. The case of this congressman is just one of the latest incidents that occurred inside a transportation terminal that is full of CCTV cameras for security.

The majority of the netizens were disappointed on how the congressman behaved to the security personnel of the NAIA's security screening section. They claim that as a public servant, one must show decency to other individuals, especially when following an important procedure. The behavior of the congressman towards the security personnel shows lack of discipline. Many are addressing the congressman's abuse of authority as he brought out his identification card, showing his position as a congressman in front of the face of the security personnel checker.

As for the initial reaction of the congressman, he immediately denied the allegations. He stated that the CCTV footage is totally twisted because the video alone cannot justify the report on his behavior. The congressman questions the NAIA personnel on why there was a video leaked online that became viral without his consent. However, after realizing that his reason was not enough to control the extensive virulence of the video, he was then advised by his legal and political team to call for a press conference. There he reversed his blaming act and started to apologize to the security personnel and to NAIA.

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5 Interesting Facts about OFW ACT Congressman Aniceto John Bertiz III

1. He caused a commotion inside the NAIA: The main event is that Congressman refused to remove his shoe at the screening area at the NAIA. As per protocol, passengers are required to surrender their things to the scanning machine, requiring them to place their bags, jackets, hand-carry items, and shoes to be scanned for any suspicious items. However, the congressman became irate and refused to remove his shoes. The public official then became berzerk as he presents his identification card while mumbling in front of the security personnel, indicating them that he is a congressman and he should be allowed to pass through.

Earlier on the video, Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos was seen following the security protocol as she just wore her pair of shoes after it was being scanned by the screening machine without causing a scene. Her reaction towards the irate Congressman was no longer within the scope of the video as she was the first to proceed to the next step on either boarding her flight. Netizens also compared President Rodrigo Duterte as the humblest person to follow security protocols in airlines.

2. An incumbent politician: OFW ACT Partylist Congressman Aniceto John Bertiz III is an incumbent public servant. He is expected to end his public service at the end of the next election period in May of 2019. He is one of the rumored politicians who will run for a senatorial position in the next national election. However, his public exposure gone wrong as it gave an impression of his attitude to the public how he treats other individuals even employees. Many are wondering if he could make a way to erase his tarnished image due to his recent NAIA stint.

3. Claims that the video is twisted: Even though he made an apology to the public, the congressman still believes that there are some flaws with the release of the CCTV featuring his special moment in the airport. He believes that all CCTV should have a consent to anyone before publishing a video clip, showing their activities at any given time. However, the problem is that he is still the subject of media attention as the video posted online continues to go viral. Many disappointed viewers became emotionally dismayed by how a public servant treats the lower class citizens of the society.

4. Bertiz is a known ally of the Liberal Party: Bertiz is an avid supporter of the Liberal Party. One of his visible campaigns is to stop the extrajudicial executions that were allegedly thrown towards the incumbent administration of the Philippine government. He believes that every person should have the right to undergo a due process and not by being executed by the security forces who are just enforcing the law. However, he is not as prominent as the other allies who are known for their brave contradiction to all affairs of the incumbent administration.

5. The congressman is now an internet sensation: All individuals who become an internet sensation expects that they will be known by the majority since this era is living in a digital age. As an internet sensation, his social media account is bombarded with messages and commentaries by the netizens. However, his office is also the subject of concern because netizens are expected to express their opinions, suggestions, or reactions to the recent behavior of the agency's boss. This is why the staff of the congressman should prepare for numerous reactions and feedbacks.

Who will you support, the NAIA staff or OFW Act Partylist Representative Aniceto John Bertiz III?

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