The Philippines is leading the Miss Earth beauty pageant with four wins in 2008, 2014, 2015, and last year, which is 2017. Karla Henry, Jamie Herrel, Gabriela Ong, and Karen Ibasco just made a quadruple victory to elevate the status of the Philippines as the most successful country in Miss Earth beauty pageant since its debut in 2001. The Philippines only failed to reach the semifinals round twice since 2001. These are the years 2010 and 2016, which makes the country to have a rare stance for being included in the semifinalist round of the pageant.

This year's representative is now aiming for a possible back-to-back win for the country for Miss Earth 2018. Celeste Cortesi is hoping that she could be the fifth woman to win Miss Earth 2018 in her parent's hometown, the Philippines. She is aware that it is a challenge for the Philippines to win another crown since the reigning winner comes from the Philippines. If optimism speaks, it will not be a problem if a country could win more crown, especially that Celeste is from a country that is equipped with numerous beauty pageant camps, fashion designers, and sponsors to fully support her beauty pageant journey.
Miss Earth Philippines 2018 Celeste Cortesi
Sylvia Celeste Cortesi is a Filipino-American beauty pageant titleholder. This sweet looking candidate with an Angelic face grew up in Italy. She is fluent in Italian, English, and Tagalog languages as influenced by her native parental heritage. She previously represented the Filipino community of Italy during her stint in Miss Earth Philippines 2018. Celeste hopes to make her Filipino and Italian heritage proud of her achievements and other future endeavors to come.

If Celeste will win, there will be another wave of backlash towards the Miss Earth Organization. One main reason is that the pageant can be a hotbed of criticisms since it is operated by a Filipino staff, speculating favoritism to a fellow countryman. In this regard, Celeste will surely experience numerous unfavorable reactions from pageant fans. As an expectation, there will be a higher level of undesirable comments and feedbacks towards Celeste than her predecessor, Karen Ibasco. Even if the judging is fair and square during the course of the competition.

In this period of the 21st century, the Philippines already proved its prowess as one of the major countries that consistently place in almost all beauty pageants around the world. Each year, the country bags at least one or two international crowns since 2013, making it a serious competitor in the world of pageantry. However, there are other countries to watch out for in order to win the crown. They are the delegates of Portugal, Nepal, Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, USA, Brazil, Vietnam, Nigeria, Slovenia, and the People's Republic of China.

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What are the Chances of Celeste Cortesi for Miss Earth 2018?

A Back to Back Win?

Let us admit it, the Philippines has still the chance to make a back-to-back win whether you like it or not. The Philippines is always carrying a strong sash. Celeste has been groomed and trained comprehensively in order to maintain the position of the Philippines as the country to beat in this pageant. She is facially gorgeous with that soft aura charm. Others say that she is a complete package in both outside and inside. Everytime that she is facing the camera, each frame indicates that she is professionally adaptive to any angles of the lenses.

An Elemental Queen?

Celeste is a high-caliber candidate vying for Miss Earth crown this 2018. The only thing is on how she will deliver her final question. Since she is more fluent in Italian, there is a slight fluency issue that can hamper her to express herself, prompting her to land on the elemental slots instead on winning the title. If she can make a conviction to each word while delivering her answer, she could eventually beat other contestants. This is the only issue for her, which is unusual for a Philippine delegate for not that fluent in speaking the English language.

Top 8?

As a Philippine delegate to an international pageant, reaching the top 8 spots is not a problem. Celeste underwent a rigorous training for months prior to participating in Miss Earth 2018. She is currently under the magical mentorship of Kagandahang Flores beauty pageant camp. This girl is already aware of how to walk right and to control her stage presence whenever she is in front of the audience. Her beaming charm can easily land her on Top 8 while maintaining her confidence level and composure as she slays her Pasarela skills on stage.

Top 15?

One of the interesting parts of participating in Miss Earth 2018 is the homecourt advantage. Celeste is lucky to win a national pageant where she will be enjoying a luxurious advantage of representing her country in her parent's home court. As a stunner from the Philippines, Celeste will get another boost through the hospitality of her Filipino fans. Celeste should be aware that she is representing a land that has the most intense pageant fanatics in the world. Her charm and the excitement of her pageant supporters can easily make her way through the semifinalist round.

Special Awards?

Aside from entering the semifinals round, Celeste Cortesi can have multiple chances of winning a certain award during the competition. Her ability to host other delegates can easily gain their hearts that might possibly make her as the girl who can be the friendliest in the competition. Aside from her friendly approach to other delegates, Celeste can have the chance to receive the Miss Photogenic award, which is given to the most appealing girl in the competition. In addition, Celeste can receive other awards that are shouldered by the sponsors of the pageant's events.

QUESTION: What do you think will be the chances of Celeste Cortesi for Miss Earth 2018 beauty pageant in the Philippines? Is it a back-to-back winner? An elemental queen? a semifinalist, or a special awardee?

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