The coronation night of Miss World 2018 is now fast approaching. With just a few days to consider, the reigning queen of the world will pass her crown to her new successor. Once a new woman becomes the winner, her life dramatically changes forever. She will be allocating her time as the new royalty for one year until the organization crowns her new successor. For more than a hundred contestants from all over the world, there is only one girl to win the competition. The question is will that lucky girl be Katarina Rodriguez from the Philippines?

Katarina Rodriguez is currently trying all her powers in an attempt to win the second crown for the Miss World 2018 beauty pageant. She is currently in the People's Republic of China to vie for the most elusive crown for the Philippines. If she wins, pageant fans will consider that the elusiveness of Miss World crown is just a thing of the past.  However, the predictability of Miss World beauty pageant still remains mysterious over the past years. Even if there is a very strong candidate for Miss World, it does not guarantee that she can surely win the competition.
Miss World Philippines 2018 Katarina Rodriguez
Miss World Philippines 2018 Katarina Sonja Rodriguez is a beauty queen in the Philippines. She was born on August 1, 1992, and is now in her 26 years of existence in this world. She is a commercial model in the Philippines as she endorses numerous fashion and household brands on television and print media. Through pageantry and modeling world, Katarina became a celebrity in the Philippines.

Katarina previously participated in Miss Intercontinental 2017 in Egypt. She was one of the frontrunners during her stint but landed as the First Runner-up. The winner of that pageant is Veronica Salas Vallejo from Mexico. Katarina is still happy that she placed in an international competition for landing as the second placer. However, the beauty queen recalls that experience as painful as many thought that she is the strong contender to win the crown. She somehow accepts her position as the first runner-up while giving pride to her nation.

If Katarina will win Miss World 2018, she will be the second for the Philippines to win the crown. Her probability is as high as nine over 10 to win the crown. One of the few girls to watch out for in the competition is Miss France, which is Katarina's close competitor. Many believe that France has a perfect probability to win the crown because her styling is perfect, the charm and magnetic aura is strong enough to become the next Miss World 2018. The representative from the Philippines together with her stylist are recalculating her styles and performance to ensure that she will secure a spot to Top 5 and might win the crown.

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Do you believe Katarina Rodriguez will win Miss World 2018 in China?

Miss World 2018

Katarina is one of the best performing candidates that are now aiming to clinch the Miss World 2018 crown. The styling made her look like a personality from the elite society. This woman always picks eye-catching dresses that generates a regal ambiance. She is one of the most experienced candidates by previously participating in Miss Intercontinental in 2017 and Asia's Next Top Model in 2014. Each frame is breathtaking whenever the photographers release her photos. One of the most interesting parts is that she always smizes whenever she wants to show her unique charm.


There are two things to consider when a person lands as one of the runners-up in the competition. One is their answer, in which they fail to impress the judges when answering their questions on the final question portion of the beauty pageant. The other is luck when joining a prestigious beauty pageant. Katarina may land as one of the runners-up when the judge still favors France as the darling of the night. Nevertheless, Katarina knows how to play her cards well. She is always eloquent with her answers and always speaks out her mind as a good communicator.


Landing on the semifinalist round is always important for a candidate when they are competing for a prestigious pageant with a huge volume of contestants. For some competitors, it is already an honor to reach this far against the other hundred contestants with the same goal. Katarina Rodriguez can easily penetrate the semifinals round because she is carrying a strong aura to win the pageant. Her confidence is undeniably strong, which Miss World Organization is looking for to help promote the existing advocacies worldwide.


This is a guaranteed spot for Katarina Rodriguez. One main reason is that she ends as the first during the group 4 head-to-head challenge for Miss World. Winners from each group will have a sure spot in the quarterfinals as a gift for heading against the intellectual capacity of other contestants within that group. Katarina worked hard to nail this competition since she is a well-spoken woman that represents substance in her personality. The only thing that she needs to maintain is her ability to maintain a consistent competitiveness while aiming to win the crown.

China loves to host beauty pageant because they are numerous facilities to effectively organize an event for both local and international patrons. The country already have two Miss World Winners in 2007 and in 2012. At the present, Miss China World 2018 is another candidate to watch out for because her styling is always consistent and superb. Her team of stylist is impressing other pageant fans that attempts to win the crown for the third time.

The Philippines made good impressions at Miss World when it is held in China. Previous contestants often reach the semifinals round. Will there be a new fresh of breath air for Katarina Rodriguez to win Miss World 2018? Let's find out on the coronation night.

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