One major consequence of becoming too fit to maintain your shape is to suffer from complications brought about by taking too many supplements. There are some fitness enthusiasts who are not lucky enough to suffer this kind of medical consequences while maintaining their shape. For many, suffering from kidney-related complications is one of the last things that they can mentally indulge due to the consequences that can impact their health. Bea Rose Santiago is just one of the few who became the recipient of this awful medical condition.

Right now, Bea Rose Santiago is now in Canada to seek immediate medical attention from a team of renal health experts. The beauty queen is hoping for a compatible organ who can replace her heavily damaged excretory system brought about by the failure of the kidneys to filter the waste products from her body to the outside world. Bea believes that this will be the final procedure that she undergoes to freely prevent any further complications that can prolong her life.
Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago

Bea Rose Santiago is a beauty queen and a celebrity in the Philippines. She won her country's 5th Miss International crown in 2013 to dedicate the affected households of Supertyphoon Haiyan or locally known as Yolanda. As a celebrity, Bea already appeared in several television programs, variety shows, and formal events to provide entertainment to the stakeholders.

As for Bea's renal health condition, the saturation of creatinine in her kidneys signifies that there is something wrong with the excretion of waste products. A constant abnormal increase in the creatinine of the body means that there is a high-volume of waste products in the bloodstream. When there is a high amount of waste products that are circulating around the blood vessels, this means that it causes a metabolic and excretory problem in the body. If symptoms persist as it is revealed by the laboratory findings, the condition of patients with renal problems worsens.

As of the case of Bea Rose Santiago, her condition is believed to be under a chronic renal failure. Bea has only two options to prolong her life. The first is the regular dialysis treatment, which is the alternative way to use an artificial kidney to eliminate the waste products of the body. The second option is through a kidney transplant from either of the two kidneys. A kidney transplant is more essential than dialysis treatments because it provides a permanent excreting system to the body.

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Miss International 2013 Bea is now asking for your Prayers for her Kidney Transplant in Canada

Bea Rose Santiago is now hoping that her fans and supporters could send her prayers elsewhere around the world. Her family is also hoping that Bea can overpass her most challenging situation through the application of a kidney transplant. The relatives and friends hope that Bea could find a compatible donor to prevent any serious allergic reaction after the transplant that can permanently save her life. As of now, Bea is in complete bed rest as per the advice of her attending physician.

The condition of Bea Rose Santiago is a product of a pre-workout supplement abuse. This is a common problem for athletes and fitness advocates who want to maintain their health while sacrificing their kidneys and liver. Using work-out supplements is beneficial to appear fit at all times. However, the content of work-out supplements needs moderation that is similar to psycho-stimulating beverages and substances. When a person overuse supplements for years, their kidney and liver function can significantly deteriorate.

Creatinine concentration is important for the body because it is an accurate indicator of renal health. The normal creatinine levels in the body are 150 to 200 micromoles per kilogram of body weight per day for the males. Female creatinine levels range between 100 to 150 micromoles per kilogram of body weight per day. For the case of Bea Santiago, her creatinine level can exceed as high as 300 micromoles per kilogram of body weight. This means that there is a saturation of waste products in her body.

If a person has a significant increase in creatinine content in their bloodstream after a recent laboratory testing, they are advised to stop taking supplements. The main reason is that supplements contain high creatinine content that can affect their body from oversaturation of waste materials. Protein shakes are prohibited for individuals who have high creatinine content in their blood. Avoiding rigorous physical exercise is important to prevent the muscles from shedding energy that converts the adenosine triphosphate into creatinine.

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