The Philippines is hoping for a comeback win after a series of semifinal streaks for this 2018 season of beauty pageants. One of which is Miss Supranational 2018 annual beauty pageant that is currently held in Poland. Mister Supranational 2018 is also ongoing that will crown its male delegate a day after the crowning of Miss Supranational. There are only a few hours remaining to determine who will be the next successor of Jenny Kim of Korea who is the reigning Supranational queen of 2017. Who will be the next successor of Jenny Kim?

The Philippines is making a consistent performance for Miss Supranational 2018 since it first participated in 2011 under the name of Lourenz Grace Remetillol who is the first Filipina woman to compete in Europe. Still, in 2017, the Philippines remains one of the most successful countries in the competition with no unplaced streaks. This is because the Philippines has numerous beauty pageant camps that always prepares all contestants for international crowns before they send their candidates. The question is, will the trend continue in the present day?
Miss Supranational Philippines 2018 Jehza Huelar
Jehza Huelar is one of the ladies to watch out in this edition of Miss Supranational 2018. She is a commercial model in the Philippines who endorses several brands. She is expected to bring her best during the final show of Miss Supranational 2018 in Poland. Many are expecting a high placement for her due to a phenomenal growth that she is slowly progressing while the pageant nears the coronation event.

In 2013, The Philippines bagged its first ever Miss Supranational crown in 2013. Mutya Johanna Datul is the first Filipina and an Asian delegate to win the most prestigious pageant in the world. During that year, Mutya gave her best personality that resonates her chances of gaining the attention of the judges and the staff of the pageant. Her personality is one of the best assets that made her charm to deliver an immense positive aura and virtues. If the stars are aligned for Jehza Huelar during the coronation night, she might replicate what Mutya reached.

This December of 2018, Jehza plays the first card for the Philippines in an attempt to claim another crown for the country. If luck will be with her during the coronation night, she makes a par with India with two crowns for the pageant. This woman is prepared and willing to give her all in an attempt to win the crown for the country. If she wins, this will be the best Christmas gift for her and to her Binibining Pilipinas Organization who continues to support her since winning the license to represent the country to the pageant.

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Miss Supranational 2018

Jehza Huelar can make a high chance on winning Miss Supranational 2018. The first thing that you will notice about her is her gradual competitiveness as the pageant stays longer. She is slowly gaining her momentum to make attention to pageant fans, analysts, and the staff of Miss Supranational Organization. Her competitive pace slowly swallows other contestants due to her intense spark in each step of the way. Jehza's communication skills make an impeccable with that voice that is comparable to a radio DJ with a soft and a smooth voice.


When we talk about a runner-up placement, this means only one thing. Perhaps the alignment of a candidate's stars in cosmology is not compatible with her luck in the pageant. Even if that candidate is one of the most competitive in the pageant, their luck is still the one who can dictate their faith in the competition. If Jehza's power is unable to reach the climax, then a runner-up placement is suitable for her. A runner-up finish is a considerable accomplishment for a candidate against other 70 delegates from different countries who are aiming for one crown.


A candidate may only reach the semifinalist round if they lack confidence on the stage. For Jehza's case, she will surely make it on this round. She is well-trained by one of the most respected beauty pageant camps in the Philippines, who is responsible for improving her catwalk, aura, and her captivating charm to the audience. This woman will surely reach this round since she is one of the favorites to stand out during the finals night of the competition. Jehza is always ready to penetrate any obstacles that try to postpone her career to success.


Miss Supranational is one of the few international beauty pageant events that initially screens the best performing delegates that gave a recognizable impression. Since arriving in Poland, Jehza already made an impression through her introductory moment at sashing ceremony. Her fluent and captivating voice already made a staggering appeal to the audience. Her styling and confidence made her personality noticeable to every person that faces her. She always knows how to play with the camera while her styling mesmerizes the audiences.

QUESTION: What are the chances of Jehza Huelar for Miss Supranational 2018?

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