Gazini Ganados has been playing the silent card for Miss Universe 2019. Pageant fanatics and enthusiasts are wondering why this woman is playing the safe card before the preliminaries of the pageant. As the candidate who is now wearing the heaviest pressure in this edition of the pageant, Gazini is noticeably doing her own thing that can probably make an invisible electromagnetic power during the preliminaries and the final's night of Miss Universe.

If given the chance, Gazini Ganados will become the fifth contestant from the Philippines to win Miss Universe this edition. Given the chance, the Philippines will become the second country to make a back-to-back after Venezuela way back in 2009 under the persona of Stefania Fernandes who succeeded Dayana Mendoza. It will be the best Christmas gift ever for the Philippines if Gazini will win as the historic Filipina who will return back the crown for the Philippines.

Pageant enthusiasts are weighing the strategic outcome of Gazini Ganados as she is now one of the most popular candidates for Miss Universe 2019. Every live stream of each contestant, guests, vloggers, and journalists are always looking for Gazini to appear in their media clips. Contestants are also looking for Gazini in order to grant the favor of pageant fans to have a glimpse of her.

In this year, Gazini Ganados is now giving her best to become the tenth Pinay to make a consistent placement for Miss Universe 2019. Currently, the Philippines has the longest placement streaks in Miss Universe beauty pageant. The first woman to enter the semifinals is Venus Raj way back in 2010 when she placed as the 4th runner-up in Las Vegas. Now that the most prestigious pageant is back in the United States, Gazini hopes to continue the tradition to maintain the dominance of the Philippines in Miss Universe.

There are some pageant fans who are not satisfied with the way Gazini is playing as of the moment even the preliminary show is now approaching. Enthusiasts of the pageant world are hoping for more action for Gazini in this year's Miss Universe beauty pageant. On the other hand, this is one of the most dangerous ways for contestants to unveil their true competitive form before the most anticipated event for Miss Universe 2019. Many believe that there is something in Gazini that pageant enthusiasts should prepare, especially during the preliminaries and in the final's night.

Here are 3 Reasons why Gazini Ganados is playing the Silent Card for Miss Universe 2019

1. Silent Water Runs Deeper: Gazini Ganados is believed to be playing the silent card as of the moment before the big reveal. As monotonous as it is, this is one of the best ways for Gazini to stay calm and composed while waiting for the preliminary competition. As they always say, water that runs deeper has more aspects to reveal in the latter part of the event, which is the finals and the preliminary. Do you think this will really happen in the future?

2. Promote the element of surprise: As a contestant, the element of surprise is one of the most important reasons why they should keep silent during the early stages of the competition. They may not sound to be as astoundingly prevalent during the early stages but to become the dark horse and eventually the triumphant candidate during the finals night of the competition. If the crowd and pageant supporters want a surprise, then they will appreciate what will Gazini show during the National Costume, Preliminaries, and the finals night of the competition.

3. To become unique in her own way: As a candidate, being unique is one of the most important aspects of winning a major competition. The best way is to be yourself and slowly elevate your own characteristics that no other person could ever resemble. Gazini has her unique way of giving a special charm to the staff of Miss Universe Organization, sponsors, and pageant fanatics. Her regal and classy aura makes her elemental in her own way of delivering a unique way of representing a true queen.

Do you really believe Gazini is really playing her cards silently?

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