There is one interesting about Miss Universe 2019 beauty pageant that is now happening in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. This is the reveal of new crown design by Mouawad Jewelries. The Lebanese based jewelry is the lucky one to design the new crown for the recent edition of the universe. Miss Universe Organization is happy to present the crown to the audience and sponsors for showing the new crown design that the new winner will wear during the finals night.

Mouawad jewelry is now the official designer and provider of Miss Universe crown. The lucky contestant to win will have the opportunity to wear the crown during her reign until her successor will be crowned in the next edition of Miss Universe. As a crown designer, the appearance of the new crown looks entirely different from the Mikimoto crown design that Catriona Gray wore during her winning moment and her entire reign.
The design looks interesting because it has three distinct large gems that make the crown look more regal to the queen who will wear for the entire year. There are hundreds of diamonds that highlights the color of the crown to appear luminously white. The white color represents purity and symbolizes supreme for the winning woman to reign as the most beautiful woman in the universe.

The total worth of the crown has a whopping $5 million in value. This is the most expensive crown ever in the history of beauty pageants. There is no other pageant that has this kind of value, reaching this level of expensiveness. It dethroned the worth of Miss World's blue crown with a value of $750,000. The crown is undeniably the most valued luxury in the entire universe. Fred Mouawad mentioned that they have to provide guards to the crown due to safety reasons away from negative elements.

Mouawad named the crown as the "Unity of Peace" as it symbolizes harmony amongst the participants of Miss Universe from all corners of the world. The Miss Universe Organization wants to promote the crown as a sign of hope for everyone that unity is the answer to resolve crises and disagreements between individuals, groups, and other organizations.

The winning miss universe this season will have the luxury to wear the crown during her first walk on stage as the new queen until her press interview, all the way to her room. The new queen will have an additional set of bodyguards as she will be the new icon of beauty in the universe while wearing the most expensive crown in the entire galaxy.

As for the final question, what can you say about the new crown for Miss Universe?

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