One of the most important things to consider when promoting your integrity is to unknowingly become a hero in an unexpected circumstance. This is the case of Roger Casuga who did not think twice when saving a compatriot surfer during his stint on representing the Philippines in a surfing competition for the Southeast Asian Games 2019. For Roger, it is an opportunity for her to show the Filipinos as heroic aside from being hospitable for foreign nations and friends.

Roger Casugod was doing his surfing routine during his time on the 2019 Southeast Asian Games. He then noticed that his competitor from Indonesia is now struggling with how to return on his surfing board while traversing the rolling waves. Roger then quickly approached the endangered Indonesian competitor to his area and then made a brave rescue. After his brave attempt to rescue his compatriot, both contestants for the Sea Games 2019 went back to the shore.

Unknowingly, Roger Casuga wasn't expecting a sea of media who approached him and gave him an applause. As an initial reaction, Roger became shocked, but eventually happy because people who were present during that day were cheering for his heroic act. As a surfing hero, this is another unforgettable moment for him.

Roger Casuga is a Filipino surfer based in San Juan, La Union in the Philippines. Throughout his life, he dedicated his passion for surfing and providing lessons to patrons who want to know more about surfing and could become their hobby. Roger's years of surfing made him one of the most competitive surfers in the province and eventually made him a ticket to participate in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

The situation gave Roger another opportunity to become well-known in a positive way of saving an Indonesian compatriot. Arhip Nurhidayat from Indonesia accidentally detached his foot leash while attempting to make his surfing exercise for the 2019 Sea Games. With the rolling rogue waves around him, he quickly got out of the surfing board and began gasping for air. This was the time Roger caught him and already knew what was going on.

First Viral 

A few years back, Roger became viral on the internet after meeting the love of her life. His story resembles similar to a surfer's fairy tale story wherein it is rare for a local surfer to meet a foreign love interest to be his lover. Roger's love life to a Dutch woman for several years made waves in social media websites and then eventually caught the eyes of Mass Media. Roger and Lisa Verweij from the Netherland is now living happily and showing the world how love could make an interesting story.

Roger caught the staff of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho due to his viral photos of his Dutch girlfriend. The couple was then featured in Jessica Soho's programs and show the world how powerful love is. Jessica Soho herself hails from San Juan, La Union, which makes it more interesting because both the host and the guest of the program speak Ilokano, the third-largest local dialect of the Philippines after Tagalog and Bisaya.

For Roger, he does not feel any regret of losing any medal for the Sea Games. What is more important is to save the lives of those who are in danger. After all, we only have one life to live. We can always win medals at any other competition.

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