There are only a few days to go before the preliminaries of Miss Universe 2019 beauty pageant. Since this kinda late picks for me to discuss, at least, it is never to be late for me to discuss my post-arrival favorites after all the candidates are already in Atlanta, Georgia. Anyhow, there are some ladies who became disappointments and others who made surprises when they arrived in the United States to showcase their overall packages.

Miss Universe is definitely the most anticipated beauty pageant in the entire universe. Most pageant fans are now following their favorite candidates from all over the world to vie for the Mouawad crown, which is now the new term from the former Mikimoto crown handler. The main reason is the new jewelry handler who will now create another crown for the new queen for this edition of Miss Universe. The Lebanese Company, Mouawad Jewelry will now create another design for the new ambassadress of beauty who will succeed Catriona Gray to reign the universe.

This is my Top 20 list before the preliminaries. The list will definitely change after watching the performances of candidates during the preliminary shows, in particular with the swimsuit and gown competitions. Expect there are some who will impress and others to dismay pageant spectators or enthusiasts.

1. Thailand: This delegate is probably one of the strongest in this edition of Miss Universe. She is the prototype of Catriona Gray with tall legs, articulate in her communication skills, and has a strong face value to rock the miss universe. This girl will definitely penetrate the Top 20 list.

2. Puerto Rico: She is probably the most experienced candidate in this season of Miss Universe and placed as one of the runners up in her previous international pageant stints. Never underestimate this woman as she is carrying her experience to brush other candidates and reach as high as the top 5.

3. Brazil: This country is sending a strong contender for Miss Universe 2019. Her best asset is her well-sculpted body as she is very disciplined when it comes to maintaining her fitness. She can easily rock Miss Universe with her strong stage presence and can reach as high as the top 5.

4. France: One of the few candidates to have a ginger short hair. France is astoundingly special as she is one of the few European delegates to show her fire power through her enigmatic appeal. She is ready to give the pageant a tough competition as she just represented her country in Miss World and landed as one of the finalists.

5. Vietnam: For sure, this country will make a back-to-back placement this year after H'Hien Nie made it all the way to the top 5 last year. She is tall and has a fierce image that can slay the competition in a positive note. Prior to the competition, months of training has already been applied to ensure a placement this year.

6. South Africa: It seems this country will surely hit the placement streak in this year's competition. Zozobini is a professional model that is obvious by the way she displays her charm whenever facing the camera. Her sweet persona can help her reach the top 20 spots.

7. Mexico: You can spell regal in her as she is prepared to give her country a placement and the chance to become Miss Universe. Her classy and elegant approach to all events makes her unique and interesting as she can bring back the placement streaks for Mexico.

8. Philippines: Gazini is lucky to be representing the Philippines as she is the apple of pageant fanatics and journalists. Never underestimate this woman as she has been preparing to make a back-to-back win. She trained hard for months in order to claim the most elusive crown in the universe.

9. Colombia: A licensed professional lawyer in Colombia. This woman proves beauty is not complete without a brain as a lawyer. There is strong advocacy for her as she visited almost all places across her country and nearby places in Latin America to promote her cause as Miss Colombia, lawyer, model, and an influencer.

10. Albania: The strongest in Europe. The barbie of the competition. She never fails to amaze her supporters by displaying a strong sense of royalty with her long blonde hair. One interesting fact about her is the way she manages to deliver strong answers in each question.

11. Indonesia: She is probably one of the strongest Indonesian delegates to compete for the Mouawad crown. After months of training and seminar workshops with her beauty pageant camps and former queen mentor, this delegate can surely give her country a good placement this year.

12. Peru: She is tall, queenly, and prepared to give Peru a secured placement this year. She is an underrated candidate due to other popular candidates this year. Never ignore this candidate as she has a strong sense of aura and a stage presence in every event.

13. Chile: This mysterious lady from South America is probably one of the strongest in this year with her versatile looks and bubbly personality. She is a professional model and can unleash her competitive form in her catwalk, photos, and videos.

14. USA: The United States is promoting diversity. Her beauty symbolizes an epitome to embrace unity through her diverse demographical background. As a homecourt girl, she can truly capture the hearts of pageant supporters with her touching advocacy.

15. Japan: She is an interesting candidate from Japan with full of confidence and sassy persona. She is always visible in every photo, video, and events with other ladies. If there is a Miss Congeniality award, it will be probably with this woman with her fierce strategy to penetrate the top 20 spots.

16. India: She is a promising candidate with full of confidence and positivity in this year. What is unique about her is her expensive charm that can easily captivate her supporters. Her expensive charm can easily make her all the way to the Top 10.

17. Panama: One of the most interesting about this woman is her confidence and calmness. Panama has a good reputation for training its candidates extensively for Miss Universe pageants. This woman will surely have a ticket to the top 20.

18. Venezuela: The most prepared candidate in this season of Miss Universe. That is why many are obviously aware that Venezuela is indeed, Venezuela. This country has a very competitive beauty pageant training camps for both local and international beauty pageants.

19. Argentina: Many consider Argentina as an underdog. When you look at her, she simply exudes elegance and silent confidence material with her regal charm. It will not be a surprise if she will make it through the semifinalist round.

20. Tanzania: Silence is the key element for a candidate to totally nail each event in a major pageant. With her professional modeling background, she can easily enter the semifinalist round. Through there, she can showcase her advocacy and competitiveness to further reach the finalist round.

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