The National Costume is an important event for the Miss Universe beauty pageant. This is how the candidates showcase their culture through the use of fashion and beauty pageant combination. The universe can witness how each candidate flaunts their national costume as ways to let the world know how they made dresses as part of their identity. Through the use of fashion, the candidates are able to show the world how they embed their tradition in their fashion tastes.

Gazini Ganados is so happy to showcase the creativeness of the Philippines in terms of showcasing the fashion taste of her country. She is probably one of the few Philippine delegates to Miss Universe to have an optimistic response from the pageant fans as they saw what she wore during the preliminary competition. This is in contrast to the past delegate who wore national costumes that did not satisfy the expectations of the pageant fans.

The National Costume of Gazini Ganados has a bird-inspired design. The feathery design of the national costume is the trademark of Cary Santiago, responsible for the remarkable creations for Gazini. The elemental costume wore by Gazini represents the unique way of Philippine fashion taste to the international stage.

Gazini Ganados walked on stage with her super unique national costume. She appeared on a stage resembling a silver avian creature who wants to show creativeness for the pageant fans, sponsors, and to the staff of Miss Universe Organization. The most distinguishing part of the national costume is the presence of two birds on the shoulders. Looking at the details of the fabric, the designs are intricately made by the staff of Cary Santiago, making a statement that the national costume is not an ordinary creation.

If given the chance, this is one of the best national costumes that a Philippine representative displays in the history of Miss Universe. If Gazini instrumentally wowed the judges, she might win the best national costume award, which is rare for the country to win such an award. Gazini Ganados will have another thing to celebrate aside from showing her competitive form during the preliminaries of Miss Universe 2019.

Another renowned international fashion designer; namely, Michael Cinco mentioned in her account that the design is really one of the best national costumes in Miss Universe history. Cinco applauded Santiago for being the master of haute couture to the highest level. This is a rare compliment from an international fashion designer who is also famous for designing the dresses of international superstars from around the world.

Preliminary performance

Many believe Gazini Ganados made a spectacular performance during the preliminary round of Miss Universe 2019. The preliminary show is the most important part of Miss Universe because the judges and staff will select the Top 19 best performing candidate who will have the chance to vie for the crown. The announcement of Top 19 will be on the finals night of Miss Universe 2019.

The Top 20th candidate to advance to the semifinalist round will be from the votes. The contestants who garnered the highest fan votes will have the moon and stars aligned to her favor as she will have another reason to clinch the crown during the coronation night.

The Evening Gown

Many are speculating Gazini will wear an Earth-toned gown for the final show. However, there are also reports that she will wear a red-colored gown. So it is not really sure what color she will wear. But one thing is for sure, Gazini will wear a gown that has a feathery trademark by Cary Santiago.

Will Gazini Ganados win Miss Unvierse 2019?

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