In a spectacular expectation amongst pageant enthusiasts, Rabiya Mateo won as the new Miss Universe Philippines 2020. Rabiya Mateo is now enjoying the luxury as the pioneer of the first edition of Miss Universe Philippines. She is the first woman to win the first edition of the Miss Universe Philippines franchise. She is now the official representative of the Philippines for the upcoming Miss Universe 2020 pageant. 

 The people of Iloilo City are proud to have a representative from their hometown who will banner the flagship of the Philippines in an international competition. Rabiya will bring all her chances in full force for a potential Ilongga to clinch the title as Miss Universe 2020. If Rabiya Mateo wins Miss Universe, it will be the 5th for the Philippines to win a major beauty pageant crown this year. The question is, does Rabiya have what it takes to be the next Miss Universe?
Rabiya Mateo is a beauty titleholder from Iloilo City for winning Miss Universe Philippines 2020. She is 24 and stands 5'7 in height. Rabiya is of Filipino (Mother side) and Indian descent (Father side). Matero won Miss Universe Philippines at the Cordillera Hall in Baguio Country Club, Baguio City, the Philippines on October 25, 2020. Here are the 5 Reasons why she won as MUP 2020:

1. Rabiya's Winning Answer: There is a conviction with the answer of Rabiya than the other candidates during the final Q and A. She is aware of carrying hope to become influential as a symbol of light in the darkest times being a beauty queen. The essence of power as a beauty queen provides a difference for the people to see the optimism in life despite the pandemic is her main point of argument with substance and natural realm. 

2. Beauty: It is a considerable fact that Rabiya's face value is one of the most photogenic in this edition of Miss Universe Philippines 2020. All features of her face depict a powerful woman that represents solitude, calm, and strength. What makes her beauty special is her skin tone that represents the natural beauty of a Filipina. Her skin tone represents diversity, exoticness, and unity regardless of what tone a person has in their physical appearance. 

3. Rampage: Rabiya won the best in the swimsuit award, which is something that she can carry up to the Miss Universe stage. She knows how to flaunt her angles in front of the camera. During the gown competition, each movement shows an effervescent tone that makes her a flowing goddess in front of the stage. This woman mastered the art and style of Pasarela with a strong stage impact during the preliminary and final's nights. 

4. Fresh Face: One magical thing about her is all about a fresh face. Beauty pageants nowadays are now into fresh face candidates who can make a difference in the world. Pageant spectators are now looking for a new contestant with a surprise factor tactic. Rabiya corresponded with a substance by bringing her ace game in the preliminaries and finals.

5. Training: The best above all is the preparation when participating in either a national or an international beauty pageant competition in the Philippines. The country is known to send candidates with a high-caliber performance from various training camps in the country. Rabiya is smart enough to elevate her strategy by polishing her communication skills, Pasarela, mental agility, styling, and personality improvement.

Do you believe she will be the 5th Pinay to win Miss Universe?

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