A person or any sociable being needs a company in order live a happy life. Being together with someone always makes you feel special because there is someone out there who can relate with your feelings and experiences. Sharing unforgettable moments with the person you trust enables you to fulfill your social security because there are people that can lend their ears whenever you need something to express. This is what friends are for, no matter who you are and what you do, they are always there to support you for every choice that you will make.

Most people believe that friendship could help improve your psychological welfare. The reason behind is that it creates a positive stimuli in your brain that allow any negative issues to be released. As a person, expressing your concern is one of the best ways to release any undesirable behaviors that affects your personal and professional integrity. Even there are undesirable issues concerning with friendship issues, a friend is always there to support whatever needs that you will carry out through your lifespan. This is because they are always there to support and guide you throughout your journey in your life.
Two hand that holds together to show a friendship sign
A friendship sign that bonds friendly relationship

Basic information about a friend: A friend is a person whom you have already been with since childhood. But personalities can differ that could cause problems with your character. Friendship becomes ungenuine if there are conflicting interests that arise between two or more individuals. If one is no longer comfortable being with the other person, it means that there is something wrong to that person that needs to be solved.

A friend is someone who is willing to provide their presence with you. Keeping mutual interests and thoughts with a person whom interests are always available to be shared at all times. However, you cannot please everybody because there are individuals who possess personality traits that are not compatible with your personality or interests. The worst part is that there are people whom you thought that you trust, shows otherwise. If you encounter individuals where you feel uncomfortable being with them, it is time for you to move on and seek for other individuals out there who will be sharing their thoughts and values with you than other individuals who just ignores your needs.

Types of friends you should be precocious about

1. "I love myself": It is nice to be proud of something that makes you feel comfortable. There are people out there who loves themselves more than the unconditional love of self in order to just seek for attention from others. This is referred as a narcissistic person who always brag about their abilities, their charm, and their opinions. People who always show that they love themselves never attempt to attend to your needs because they always want to seek attention from other individuals rather than concentrating their attention to others. They just love themselves, but they do not plan to love other individuals, either romantically or emotionally.

2. Selfish: It is always important to be wary from individuals who will only concentrate on their needs and no one else that matters to them. It is hard to adjust with individuals who always think about themselves because they will only want to fulfill what they only desire. If you need something important, selfish people will not care about anything that you will say because they see you something that will not benefit their needs or wants in life. Even if no matter how hard you try to persuade them to be with you, you will always end up being left behind because you are with a person who only think of their own needs. Always remember, a selfish person does not give you any priority.

3. Picky Friends: It is preferred not to be with anyone who always shows their pickiness to anything that they don't want. When it comes to food, they only choose what they know that tastes good for them, and they will stand against you if they sense something undesirable. These are people who are picky with friends, with places, with fashion sense, gadgets, brands, restaurants, activities, or interests that could make you feel uncomfortable. Picky person reflects their real behavior at home for being such a spoiled brat, who always insist what they want, just to satisfy their cravings even if it is already against other's choices or rights.

4. Crab people: A person who possess crab mentality can be observed when they do not have any intention to let you move forward. Crab people are always envious and will always try their best to take you down, no matter what the consequences be.These are the people who always think about letting others down. A person who thinks superior to others will not accept other people's opinions. This means that they do not want to be corrected because they believe that their opinion are the best choice that they presume. Never argue with people who possess superiority complex; because, at the end of the day, their inconsideration will let you feel frustrated even if you are right.

5. User: If you have a friend who always need you in times of need and will ignore you when they don't need something else, it is time for you to cross them out of your friend's list. Users always pretend that they should be given empathy if they are suffering from a serious or mild problems. It is fine to lend your ears and render your advice for your trusted friends. But if you encounter friends who will only appear when they need help but will keep you ignored when they are just having a pleasant day and pushes you back if they gained confidence, it is best to stay away from them.

6. Scammer: Friends are friends, your trust will depend on how you treat your friends at the best of your belief. Scammers are considered as users but in a more severe and problematic way. This time, your money is involved because they always ask for a favor to borrow your money but does not intend to return it back. These are people you should really stay away because they are very materialistic. Even your properties are at risk because they will use every material things that you have but will not return it back. They are always interested borrowing your things and then will end up stealing it without your knowledge.

7. Addicted to substances: If you have a friend who suffers from alcoholism, you should be thinking twice before hanging out with them. They are people who love to party every night and always seen to pass out after partying on a regular basis. It is fine to drink moderately for as long as you will limit yourself from sobering your mind from any substances. It is preferred to stay away from friends who always hang out to and share with their addictive behaviors. Just think about your health and never put it at risk when you know that you will suffer from any health risks in the future.

8. Violent: People who are suffering from personality disorders by means of violence should be avoided. If you love your life, it is best for you to stay away from individuals who are always physically aggressive to cause you enough trouble with your health. Physically aggressive may lead you into bruises, or worse, you could be at risk for being hospitalized just for being with a person whom you know, have past histories of physical harm against other individuals. However, if you prefer to be a masochist, there is a reason for you to be with individuals who are always physically aggressive to hurt you on a daily basis.

9. Anti-social friends: Every day, you meet different types of friends. But people who seem to possess anti-social personality should be the ones to be ultimately avoided. These are people who already had previous records of derogatory or criminal records. Anti-social friends are usually associated with gangs, who might cause you trouble because rival gangs of your friend might cause a mistaken identity on your profile, which will include you to be on their hit list. Law enforcement authorities could include you with their list of individuals with suspicious backgrounds due to be with a person who had unknowingly committing a grave offense.

10. Gossip experts: We do not need scandals. But people who are gossip experts are always responsible for causing social troubles on our part. Avoiding people who are always creating false stories will let you away from any public scandals from other individuals. Gossip makers are capable of destroying your reputation because they can carry out stories that destroy your image against your friends. Keeping yourself away from individuals who always create falsified stories will keep you away from any threats of scandalous activities that might put yourself into trouble.

*Remember, choose your friends wisely because real friends can treasure you until their last breath.

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