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Other Parties

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Content Validation

The blog provide contents for the sole purpose of informing users about trending insights that are freshly created, unique, informative and reliable. The contributor does not intend to provide any representations to any group, organization, article or link to this website. The facts, issues, and explanations from the blog do not reflect the contributor's personal idea, reference, or comments that might cause conflict of interest to other sources. Readers or visitors should be advised that they should consult to personal or legal purpose on their behalf because this blog does not provide direct legal, medical, or spiritual consultations. Articles published from this website are based from research that are combined with opinions, theorems, and insights that promote educative purpose for the readers.

The contributor is not compensated to provide ideas, opinions, and reviews on other websites, services, and products. The opinions, views, and ideas expressed from this website are made purely by the contributor. The contributor is not condoning any pirated contents to be used in this blog that may promote harm and violations against Google policies.

Content Accuracy

The contributor of this blog is not liable for any damages to any information provided by blog's posts being published online. Credible information is always ensured to prevent any misleading information that causes confusion or distortion of actual facts presented by each article being published online. Published posts are credited to reliable online journals to provide credible resources that support the accuracy of each post. Accurate information is always provided by means of allowing its articles to be credited by other researchers, bloggers, or media presenter.

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The Trending Facts allow the use of external links taken from third parties (such as Doubleclick cookies by Google) that can be integrated to this blog's contents for legal or commercial use.  This is provided that allowed third-party links are compliant as per Google policies. The purpose of limiting third party links compliant with Google policies is to protect the integrity, values, and interests of other bloggers, websites, companies and advertising agencies that are interested to expose their services and products.

This blog prohibits the use of third parties' link directly to their website that contain banned contents such as pornography, violence, hacking, fraud, prohibited drug use, discrimination, explicit dating and other graphically insensitive materials. The Trending Facts does not condone or support link spamming, phishing, and network spying to protect its own dignity to improve user service.

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The Trending Facts allow graphical images and videos that are from non-copyright sources to any of its posts as well as using any of its graphical image and videos to other blogs or articles. Copyrighted images are only applied to the content's of the blog only if the author of the video or image is allowed by its author to be copied, shared, and reused if it will attribute them as the original source of used image, video, and graphics.

Video or image sharing is considered to be legal especially if the source is made by the original author is in public domain; however, the contributor still recommends that using original image or videos should still be applied to prevent any violation or ethical practices agianst the service provider of this blog.

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The blog do not offer any programs or contents that can be downloaded by any third parties. Any offer made by a third-party to download any content, of this blog is not recommended by because it could cause violations of Google's terms of service. Images and videos from this blog are allowed to be downloaded for as long as the contributor of this blog will be credited to avoid legal damages from the original maker of the file. The blog is not committed to be identified a hotspot blog for downloading files, images, or programs to prevent being involved with the replication of copyrighted materials that might violate the service provider's policies.

Libel and Defame

Each post published by the contributor does not intend to provoke defamation or libel against other person, group, or organization with respect to their demographical status with regards to age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, and socio-economic status. The blog is committed to protecr or secure that the rights and integrity of visitors, readers, and third-party elements are ensured from any legal compromise. Prohibition of hate speech, unacceptable foul language use, insensitive graphics, and the use of violence against others are strictly observed in this blog. The contributor is responsible for immediately deleting any suspicious words, phrase, or graphics that supports libel or defamation found from the post's contents, titles, and comments.


Even if this website has taken precautionary measures to ensure that no malwares are present, it still has the right to take responsibility for damage or loss after visiting the website. Computer virus can be transmitted when visiting an infected website. The user is always advised to check the website first for any suspicious activity such as the presence of malwares. Visiting this website cannot guarantee to provide a secure and safe webpage navigation as any part or the whole of this website could be corrupted, intercepted, hacked, or lost. The visitor therefore does not accept any liabilities for omissions or errors in the contents as a result of malware or hacking incidents.

Unforceable provisions

If any provision of The Trending Fact's website disclaimer is, or is found to be, unenforceable under applicable law, that will not affet the enforceability of the other provisions of this website disclaimer. 

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