After winning Miss Universe Philippines 2020, Rabiya Mateo is in awe as she could not believe she will take the most coveted crown to her hometown. As the new Miss Universe Philippines 2020 winner, Rabiya will fill up a bigger shoe to carry the country on the international stage, this time in Miss Universe 2020 beauty pageant. She is so happy to become the new flagbearer of the country for the most prestigious pageant in the universe.

Rabiya is set to make rigorous preparations in preparation for the Miss Universe 2020 beauty pageant that might be held later this year or early next year. It is a responsibility that she needs triple time to consider as she will compete against other international candidates vying for the same crown. She hopes to bring back the crown home after a few years since Catriona Gray won the 4th crown for the Philippines when she competed in Thailand. 
Miss Universe beauty pageant is the most popular international beauty pageant in the world. There will be at least 90 candidates who will be competing to become the most beautiful woman in the universe. The presence of Rabiya Mateo will fire up the competition as she will be the eyes of other candidates en route for the crown. So here are the 5 reasons why Rabiya Mateo might win the 5th crown for the Philippines. 

1. Beauty factor: Rabiya Mateo is undeniably gifted with physical beauty as it can use its electromagnetic charm to anyone with who she will establish a rapport. Rabiya is probably the most beautiful Pinay to compete in Miss Universe. If she wins, Rabiya could become one of the most astounding faces to grace the Miss Universe Organization headquarters while rendering her responsibilities.

2. Cinderella Story: Rabiya's story is comparable to Cinderella. She came from a broken family with a few financial support for her education and household needs. Last year, Rabiya managed to sleep on the floor while patiently studying to finish her degree in Physical therapy where she earned Latin Honors upon graduating her course. During the pageant, Rabiya is shy enough to take a selfie due to her outdated smartphone unit. She even asks other candidates to take a selfie and borrow their phone to upload her photos online.

3. Advocacy: Education is the ultimate advocacy of Rabiya Mateo as she wants to show the world how important is to learn something and to become successful. Rabiya Mateo is not lucky to have a family with a luxurious lifestyle. However, she proved to everyone that education is the ticket to success. A person from a humble household can become a successful person in the future if they will use their degree anywhere in the world. 

4. Spark: During the preliminaries: Rabiya ultimately unleashed her spark. Her answers during the interview made her a standout. Her answers are all genuine and speak about her lifestyle and a journey up to joining Miss Universe Philippines 2020. Rabiya replicated her spark during the final round where she made a statement about inspiring others with her life as a journey from rugs to stardom.

5. She is from the Philippines: The Philippines is one of the most competitive countries in the world in the field of beauty pageantry. Rabiya has a set of teams to improve her styling, communication skills, cultural awareness, makeup, Pasarela, and personality development. The Philippines has the longest streak in Miss Universe with 10 consecutive placements and two winners. 
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