This 2016, Philippines will be electing its new president this coming May 9 national elections. This time, choosing a president is one of the most crucial decisions because all candidates possess outstanding leadership. May 9, 2016, will be the day when the people of the Philippines will be casting their votes to designated public precincts to choose their desired presidential hopeful that will lead the country for the next six years. This will be by far, the most challenging national elections that the Philippines will tackle than the previous elections

Five Philippine presidential hopefuls this May 9, 2016 election

Outgoing Philippine president Benigno Aquino Junior III will end his term on June 30, 2016. He is the 15th president of the country since its independence from the Spaniards in 1898. The next incoming president who will win the presidential elections will then start the term on the same day that the incumbent president will end their term on June 30, 2016. His term made the Philippines regain its political and economic potential to be one of the most productive in Asia for his six-year term. The question is, who will be the lucky person to clinch the most powerful position in the Philippines after the election period? Let us take a brief analysis of each candidate one by one.

Disclaimer: The opinion and contents of this blog does not reflect the overall perception of the author who created this blog. All issues and analysis does not also reflect the whole vision and mission of this blog. The content of this article does not endorse any candidate for the readers. Facts and the whole presentation of this article does not represent the the entire blog. Which means that all explanation from this article is only based on reviews, commentaries, and recent trends being surfaced in various mass media sources. Voters are still responsible for whoever candidate they may wish to vote during the election even if they are affiliated with any political candidate or party established by the candidate.

Here are the Candidates vying for Philippine presidency:

1. Jojo Binay (Jejomar Cabauatan Binay Sr.)

Jejomar Binay

- He is currently the vice-president of the Republic of the Philippines.
- Binay was appointed as the Secretary of the Philippines Foreign Affairs Department.
- The current vice-president served as a mayor of the City of Makati for at least two terms.
- Jejomar Binay is a legally practicing human rights lawyer of the Republic of the Philippines.

- Binay possesses the charismatic power to the public, gaining popularity and trust.
- He is a practicing lawyer, which is very familiar with all angles of the law.
- An experienced politician from the past decades and political administration.
- Has a wide network base of supporters, composed of politicians, businessmen, and athletes.

- Currently facing a plunder charge from various legal and ethical issues.
- Have ongoing numerous lawsuits from previous construction projects in Makati.
- Supports candidates with pending legal, unethical, and provocative issues.
- Questionable unexplained wealth.

2. Miriam Defensor Santiago (Miriam Palma Defensor-Santiago)

Miriam Defensor Santiago

- Miriam is a current politician of the Republic of the Philippines, serving as an incumbent senator.
- Served the three branches of the government (legislative, judiciary, executive).
- Highly decorated lawyer served as a regional trial court judge and was appointed as an international court judge.
- Recipient of the Magsaysay award for government service in 1988.
- Was a legal officer for refugees in the United Nations based in Geneva, Switzerland.
- A philanthropist, educator, writer, and legal consultant.

- Academically proficient, valedictorian from grade school to magna cum laude in post graduate degrees.
- The most intellectual Philippine politician from the current generation.
- Wanted by international business organizations and institutions for her legal expertise.
- No previous records or current pending legal and ethical charges.
- The only politician to have the most number of bills passed and approved into laws.

- Has a very low rating from various media surveys, affecting her presidential candidacy hopeful.
- Still battling stage IV lung cancer, which also affects her chances of winning the presidency.
- Uncertain if she will be able to survive for the next six years whether winning or not winning the presidential seat.

3. RudyDuterte (Rodrigo Roa Duterte)

Rodrigo Duterte

- A local politician, serving as the current mayor of Davao City.
- Served various public positions in Davao City as a Congressman, Vice-Mayor,
- Famously known as the crime buster guy for efficiently reducing crime rates in Davao City.
- Duterte is a legally practicing lawyer of the Republic of the Philippines.

- After decades of governance in Davao, the outcome of the city's peace and order is one of the most efficient in the Philippines.
- His disciplinary action is needed to transform the Philippine's over-saturation of democracy.
- Wants to promote Federalism, which aims to balance the power and wealth to all provinces and regions in the Philippines.
- No history of scandalous allegations of corruption or lawsuits.

- Imminent fear of dictatorship is forecasted under his leadership.
- He can transform the Philippines under the authoritarian regime similar with North Korea.
- Human rights violations may increase in his term.
- Economic uncertainties will likely to prosper due to investor's cautious preference with his economic reforms.

4. Grace Poe (Mary Grace Natividad Sonora Poe Llamanzares)

Grace Poe

- Grace Poe is a Philippine politician, serving as an incumbent senator.
- An educator, philanthropist, and a businesswoman.
- A former chairwoman of Philippine Movie and Television Review and Classification board.
- Adopted daughter of Susan Roces and the late actor Fernando Poe Jr.

- Well-acknowledge by the media industry, gaining easy popularity access.
- One of the main proponents agaisnt corruption.
- Academic, professional, and morally productive and competitive.
- She exudes political charisma, social trust, and promoting minority's rights.

- Citizenship issues is her biggest problem that is challenging her presidential bid.
- Analyst consider her political experience not ripe enought to run for a highest position in the country.
- May only be using media as a political strategy to remain popular in surveys.
- Issues of unexplained wealth are also being questioned.

5. Mar Roxas (Manuel Araneta Roxas II)

Mar Roxas
- A senior Philippine politician, grandson of former Philippine President Manuel Roxas.
- Appointed as a secretary to various executive positions (Department of Interior and Local Government, Department of Trade and Industry, and Transportation and Communications).
- Previously elected as a Senator of the Philippines as well as a congressman of the 1st district of Capiz.
- Roxas is also an entrepreneur, financial analysts, banker, and economic specialist.

- He is currently endorsed by the current administration.
- Roxas is a senior politician with an extensive professional experience in legislative and executive branches of the government.
- Belong to the Araneta clan, one of Philippine's elites, which is affiliated to several business moguls from local and international marketplaces.
- With no previous derogatory remarks or corruption allegations.

- Roxas is proficient and highly efficient when dealing with economic reforms only.
- Failure to accomplish tasks as an executive in Interior and Local governance questions his versatility as a leader in non-economic missions.
- His partner's involvement with past legal and ethical issues can drown his political image.
- Academic accomplishment is also being questioned.

*All candidates have their respective advantages as well as problems with their campaign issues. Despite both positive and negative images, the voters are still responsible to vote for the right person they believe will continue the legacy of the incumbent administration's accomplishments. May 9, 2016 will be the time for the Filipino voters to use their perceptions and analysis on which among the hopefuls will be the next leader of the Philippines. Wishing all candidates goodluck and may the best person win.

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