If you think Catriona Gray fever is already over, then think again. Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray is now having another important campaign in the entertainment industry. This time, she will be a regular host for the noontime variety show, It's Showtime. This is good news for pageant fanatics who never stopped following and supporting the latest winner of Miss Universe from the Philippines. Catrionians are now able to take a glimpse of Catriona Gray as the host in one of the most followed noontime variety show in the Philippines starting this 6th of January, 2020.

Catriona Gray just signed a contract with the ABS-CBN executives and is now happy to announce the public she will be regularly seen on television. The beauty queen and now a host will serenade the "madlang people" or the spectators on a daily basis. The time slot of the noontime variety show is between 12 noontimes until 3 pm in the afternoon. Pageant fanatics will now see Catriona enjoy mingling with other Its Showtime hosts during the live event from Mondays until Saturdays.

Catriona Gray is the fourth Filipina to win Miss Universe beauty pageant in 2018. She won the Mikimoto crown out of more than 90 contestants from around the world in Bangkok, Thailand. She is now happy to become a member of the Kapamilya network for being one of the talents of Its Showtime. Here are 5 Reasons why Catriona Gray became a host for Its Showtime:

1. Catriona Gray is a beauty queen: She is not just an ordinary beauty queen, she is the supreme queen of the universe who brought pride to the Philippines by winning Miss Universe 2018. As a beauty queen, she was also the supposed winner of Miss World in 2016 but placed as one of the top 5 finalists. Catriona's pageant fever generated tens of millions of fans from around the world who became her solid supporter and fans who are happy to ponder their everlasting presence to the queen of the universe.

2. Marketing potential: ABS-CBN's marketing executives are cheering for Catriona's entity to Its Showtime due to her ability to drive more viewers from different parts of the world. Catriona has tens of millions of followers from her social media websites and other millions from a variety of sources due to her influential beauty pageant accomplishments. Her presence to the noontime variety show will expect more viewers that can further bolster its dominance in the audience retention for channel 2.

3. Hosts on temporary leave: Catriona Gray's perfect timing will fill the slots of some hosts who will then file for their leave of absence in the future for personal endeavors. Mariel Rodriguez is sometimes not around because she is currently building a family with actor Robin Padilla with her delicate pregnancy. Similar to Anne Curtis who is now pregnant with their first child with Erwan Heussaff, she is expected to file for maternity leave and may expect to have a long bed rest as per doctor advise.

4. Contracts recently ended: After successfully passing her crown to Zozobini Tunzi as the new Miss Universe 2019, Catriona Gray is officially signing off with the Miss Universe Organization. Catriona is now a freelance model, artist, and a talent who is now willing to accept anything under the sun to pursue her dreams. She is always open to any opportunities that come to her path that she may partake. Who knows, she will transition into a famous actress in the future after her stint in Its Showtime for several years.

5. An official entry to the world of Showbiz industry: The signing of a new contract with ABS-CBN executives marks her official entry to the world of show business industry. As a host of a large network's variety show at noontime, there will be more opportunities for her to grow her showbiz career. It will no longer be a surprise for Catriona Gray to have film and soap opera projects that are now awaiting to showcase her acting on screen.

Pageant fans will expect more surprises from Catriona Gray as she will have a promising showbiz career. Her career in the showbiz industry will shine as bright as how she brought pride in the Philippines as Miss Universe 2018.

Are you excited for her hosting and future acting projects?

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