Our body is always intoxicated by harmful substances brought about by pathogens, chemicals, and foods that cause our body to become saturated with free radicals, infections, and harm. In this way, the liver is playing an important part of our body in order to improve metabolic responses that enable our circulation to be free from any toxins. But liver is also experiencing distress. This is the reason why we need to cleanse our liver from time to time to prevent any health threats that might threaten our liver.

The liver plays an important part of our body's response to enable all kinds of nutrients to be screened and detoxified. With this process, our liver enables our body to eliminate all kinds of toxins responsible for causing unhealthy complications that will leave our body at risk for infection. Without the liver, our blood stream will be infested with free radicals to cause several diseases in the body to be at risk for infection in the future.
A person's body pointing the location of the liver
In this part of our body is where our liver is located and should be protected


4 tablespoon of Epsom salts

1/2 cup of olive oil or virgin coconut oil as an alternative (raw egg yolk can be also used as alternative)

3/4 cup of any naturally squeezed citrus juice (orange, grapefruit, lemon, calamansi)

4 cups of apple juice or if you have no available apple juice, water is accepted

1 plastic straw (for drinking purposes only)

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Things to do before liver cleansing:

1. Schedule yourself at least two days (can be weekends) where you will not do anything or free from work or school. You should have no itinerary when you are planning to have a hepatic cleansing procedure so that you will meet high success rate outcome to detoxify your body.

2. The place should be free from any environmental distractions such as loud noise, flickering lights, or any activity that might disrupt you during your detoxification process.

3. Avoid taking any medication or food supplement because any synthetic or naturally process chemicals that are ingested triggers the liver to secrete bile, which hampers the cleansing process. Liver should be relaxed while undergoing the procedure.

4. You should be in a normal state of physical and emotional integrity. If you are having sickness disrupts liver cleansing process because you need to medicate in order to prevent the spread of infection, which needs medication that triggers the hepatic cells to synthesize chemicals to aid for your body's metabolism. Being in the state of emotional balance such as having a sound mind helps your body to cooperate with the procedure.

5. Eat foods that are easily digested such as baked potato or sweet potato, fruit juice, fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, and cereals on the day of the procedure. This will help to relax the body as well as to minimize the activity of the liver.


1. Prepare necessary ingredients: Mix 4 tablespoon of Epsom salts in 4 cups of apple juice or water then place it in a jar, pitcher or any water container. Squeeze the fresh citrus fruit to fill up at least 3/4 cup and then mix it with 1/2 cup of olive oil and then place it to another container.

2. Starting at 2 pm, you should not eat anything but you can drink distilled water to relax your gastrointestinal tract while allowing your liver to relax and avoid stressful activity.

3. At 6 pm, drink 1 cup of mixed Epsom salts with apple juice or with water.You may feel significant gastrointestinal reaction such as sudden bowel movement, which is a normal process to clean your intestines.

4. At 8 pm, repeat the same process by drinking another 1 cup of mixed Epsom salt and apple or with water. expect another bowel movement.

5. At 10 pm, drink your diluted 1/2 olive oil (can be virgin coconut oil as an alternative) with 3/4 cup of any freshly squeezed citrus (grapefruit, lime, orange, dalandan) juice. then after 5 minutes, place yourself on a right side-lying position. This will be your sleeping position until you wake up in the morning.

6. At 6 am in the morning, take another cup of Epsom salts mixture. Then expect another bowel movement.

7. At 8 am, take the last Epsom salts mixture and then expect another series of bowel movement.

8. After your bowel movement, you are now allowed to eat but you should initially take foods that contain low fat such as fruit juice, bread, cereals, and vegetables.

Expected result:

  • Anticipate that your bowel contains the most foul smelling similar to that of a polluted canal.
  • Your energy level increases significantly because toxins were expelled from your body.
  • Your risk of undergoing liver and gallstone surgery can now be prevented.
  • Gallstones will be expelled each bowel movement during the procedure.
  • Increases your immunity due to the expulsion of toxic substances from your liver and gall bladder.
  • Risk of developing disease will be improved dramatically.
  • Your energy level increases as it maximizes the release of adenosine triphosphate to improve your body's physical activities. 
*This is a simple procedure but it can still help you to regain your physical wellness.

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