Love taking photos of yourself? If so, you should be always careful when taking photos of yourself elsewhere. Selfie is a normal way for people to document everyday lifestyle from just waking up and just before going to sleep. From time to time, taking self-portraits are made by individuals who want their lives to be published online through social media websites. However, some selfie-takers encountered unexpectedly dangerous situations that risked their lives. There are tragic events that people end up after taking their own photo.

Every person is always eager to capture every moment whenever they go to places or try something new that could change their lives. This action is a form of a photographic activity wherein a person will visually document their activities by using their phone. In this case, taking selfies is the most accessible way of allowing each person to have a quality time with themselves or with other individuals. Selfie are usually installed with a handle so that taking pictures become more reliable and fun between two individuals who wants to spend time with each other.
A man in black shirt taking selfie
Taking selfie is a new routine in our society
What is a selfie?: Selfie is referred to as an activity wherein a person will take pictures of themselves. Individuals who are always taking self-portraits tends to publish their photos at various social media websites. A Selfie can be taken alone, by a pair, or by a group. Taking self-portraits can be observed everywhere, from social media websites, print media, and in movies or television shows.

Present technological developments provided humans to use cameras for capturing images. Taking self-portraits became a hobby especially for internet users in order to document their activities on a daily basis. Taking photos of yourself is now considered as a modern style diary of a person to allow the public to witness activities or tasks that can somehow relate with other's experiences.

Dangers: However, individuals who are always taking self-portraits are often risking their lives. Some ended up being injured because while taking pictures, they are not aware on the danger and risks that are already beside them. This includes falling on stairs or ravine, bumped into walls, attacked by animals, or involved in car accidents.

People who are always fond of using selfie are vulnerable to individuals with klepto-mania personality disorder. Exposing gadgets with hefty value could risk it from being grabbed by thieves especially if it is taken in public. Retrieving valuable gadgets from a thief could risk a person's life because thieves are armed with deadly weapons that might cause physical harm to the owner of the stolen gadget.

Taking selfies unguarded can also risk a person to get into accidents. One example is when a person is driving and takes a selfie, they might not know that they are approaching another car, a person, or a structure that might put their lives at risk.

Simple advice to prevent accidents when taking selfies

1. Never take photos when driving a car: Taking selfies when driving a car is just similar with texting while driving. It totally distracts attention that should have been focused on the road. Drivers who were caught taking selfies were often involved in car accidents such as hitting another vehicle, or a crossing person along the street. The worst case scenario is when you killed someone just because you are taking a selfie, which you have to pay for the person's autopsy, funeral, damages, and pay the bills for your depression after taking other's life. The best way to take a selfie is when before or after you drive your previous car to prevent accidents in the future.

2. Avoid using camera flash when near high voltage electric posts or during thunderstorms: There were documented reports around the world that camera flash attracts bolts of electricity. People from around the world who tried to take photos during electrical storms or near posts with high voltage electricity attracted bolts of lightning and encountered serious injuries. If you don't want to see yourself, appearing like a roasted chicken with an electrified hair, avoid these places to prevent you from any accidents in the future.

3. Don't take selfies when walking along the bridge: Taking selfies along the bridge allow you to have a breath-taking view of any body of water. This might include river, stream, lake, sea, or the ocean. However, never take the risk of hanging on the edge of the bridge just to take a shot when your life will be in danger. There are cases when people fall-off from the bridge for just taking a single shot and ended up regretting it after being swept away by the body of water.

4. Never take a photo of yourself when on top of the roof: People always try to overcome limits by going to their roof and take a snap of themselves. The roof is often constructed in a 30 to 40-degree angle, making it difficult to balance your body when you try to stand on your roof. Proper body mechanics and positioning helps your body to balance its position to prevent yourself from falling to the ground. However, selfie addicts try to snap themselves by contouring their bodies, making their position unstable while standing on the roof.

5. Be cautious when taking snapshots alone or in dark, weird places: Photos are known to take snapshots on some of the most unexplained things that it can capture that cannot be explained by science. If you think that you are just alone while taking a snapshot of yourself, you should look again because there might be other photos where some unexplained image of objects might be sharing photos with you. It may sound creepy but if you are brave enough to do it alone, maybe that will be fine.

6. Stay away from strangers who hate taking snapshots: Not all people love selfies. Try to be observant around you when taking selfies in public places. Selfie haters often initiate a fight with selfie lovers in public if they caught one. Be sure to take a snapshot of yourself if you are sure that there's no one who acts weirdly suspicious when someone takes selfies around them. If you insist being with individuals with phobia on selfie takers, you might end up being beaten up even if you are at a public place.

7. Avoid taking a snapshot when in public: The world is no longer a safe place for selfies, especially when taking pictures in public. You don't want your phone to be snatched by thieves while doing the best thing that you love, which is taking selfies. Several documented videos and photos from around the world show individuals and groups who got robbed by thieves in public areas while taking selfies. Whether if you are in a rich or poor country, you are still vulnerable for having your gadgets stolen by thieves.

8. Avoid any wet areas: Taking selfies while located in areas where there are pools, pail with water, or even in front of a glass filled with water. Selfie takers often unexpectedly slip their gadget from their hands. If your gadget lands on any wet surface or areas, it would obviously be broken and might cause electric shock to cause minor accidents. Major problem only happens when your phone is currently attached to its charger and then goes through a wet surface.

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