As we are always encountering stressful practices and situations that affects our mental and emotional performance, we should always need to constantly power up your brain. Our mental health needs consistent memory enhancements so that our brain functions properly. This is why we should not neglect the basic needs of our brain to ensure that our memory, logic, and emotional response is always productive. The brain is always an important part of our body that is centralizing all kinds of decision making process, which makes our personal and professional activities successful in every routine that we undertake.

Our brain is always functional when we encourage our body to be involved in healthy practices. This is the part of our body wherein we are going to use our decision making process in order to become productive on an everyday basis. Powering up our brain is a mechanism that seeks to improve the way our mind sets its planning and execution of activities. There are numerous brain cells and muscles that needs to be taken cared of by having a proper discipline in our daily activities, which could enable our body to process everything that our brain decides. If we neglect the needs of our brain, there are significant health consequences that we could suffer in our everyday routines.
An excited young boy symbolizing knowledge sign
Powering your brain can help to gain more knowledge
Neglecting your brain's needs will cause significant health risks to your brain. This includes the risk of lowering intelligence quotient and emotional quotient. But how we are going to maintain healthy mental health? There are ways that we could be able to power our brain such as foods that help to improve the functionality of neuron cells.

Our body always need supplements or food in order to process its synthesis efficiently and accurately. This is an important part in our life where our physiological needs require us to seek food to improve our lifestyle on an everyday basis. If we ought to stimulate our physiological needs, then our body could effectively improve its cellular perfusion that are needed to allow organs and systems to regulate. The brain is the center for all processes that it can synthesis numerous hormones and protein compounds in our body. This is the reason why we should be cautious in our lifestyle because it could affect our long-term longevity.

The brain is located inside our skull. It is composed of smooth muscle fibers that encloses different muscles and tissues that are intended to stimulate electrical impulses in our body. Once our brain is processing these synapses, it can help to aid communication process that will seek to promote cellular synthesis on an everyday process. Our brain is connected to every tissues, organs, and cells across the body. This is because there are nerves that connects every tissues in our body in order to stimulate cellular communication on an everyday basis.

Foods that power up our brain

1. Whole grain foods: 

Two packs of pasta as whole grain foods
Sometimes, our staple food is composed of whole grain foods
These are cereals, brown pasta, wheat bran, and granary bread. It contains Low glycemic index content that allow glucose to slowly enter the bloodstream after digestion. Some famous whole grain foods are different varieties of cereals, which are packed grain commodities that are ready to be served by just adding milk and berries. Whole grains can be served in a prepared pastry such as bread or pasta foods such as carbonara. People suffering from diabetes are recommended to eat whole grain due to its low glycemic index.

2. Chocolate: 

Delicious variants of chocolates
Chocolates are rich in simple sugars that can boost our brain
This popular over the counter edible material is good for boosting our brain's power. Chocolates contain simple sugar that could improve our brain's attentive ability after just a few minutes from being ingested. Glucose content from chocolate easily stimulates the smooth muscle of our brain to induce neuron response. This includes increased impulses that allow our memory to become more active especially when we study after we eat chocolate, thus, improving the power of the brain.

3. Meat: 

Two frozen meat packs in plastic wrapper inside freezer
Meat should be preserved in freezer before cooking and serving it
Eating meat helps our brain to become more active even after ingesting it. Meat contains essential fatty acids and glucose that allow neuron cells, smooth muscle fibers, and cognitive functioning to become more productive. These are sugar substance that our brain needs in order to boost muscle productivity. Glucose is one of the most important nutrients because it helps to power up our brain's neuron activity whenever it will be synthesized by the liver and then attempts to improve memory activity.

4. Milk:

Pouring milk in an empty glass
Drinking milk can relax our brain to improve memory
Drinking milk has been proven to boost our brain's activity especially if we eat it on regular occasions. Milk is known to contain tryptophan, which is a known muscle relaxant that can help to dilate smooth muscles. When it will relax the brain, it can help to absorb new insights, which is a helps to nourish cells, muscle fibers, and neuron activities. Tryptophan helps to promote memorization because the muscles in the brain are relaxed. Milk is also capable of reducing hangover effects due to its dilating effects to smooth muscles of the brain and promotes fluid retention.

5. Eggs:

Fresh two white eggs in a tray
Fresh eggs, ready to be cooked and served to boost memory
Whether if it is fried, boiled, or integrated with other food recipes, eggs are good brain booster. It contains choline that helps to enhance brain's activity as well as improving smooth muscles of our cardiovascular system. Eggs are rich in protein, which helps repair damaged tissues our smooth muscles that can be also found in our brain, which allows neuron's impulse to efficiently transmit information from one cell to another.

6. Nuts:

Deliciously served cashew and macadamia nuts
Any nuts can help to power your brain
Nuts are packed with folate, which is an important brain power for brain development, helping the neuron cells to improve sending impulses to other parts of the body. These include peanuts, walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, Brazilian nuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, and cashew nuts.  Nuts also contain vitamin E, which is an essential brain booster that helps to maintain our memory capacity as well as our logical capacity to improve.

7. Berries: 

Berries are packed with a powerful antioxidant that is known as resveratrol. It helps to regenerate cells, tissues, and hormones that improve our cognitive development and emotional well-being. This includes blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, mulberries, black currants, Resveratrol contained from these berries has been also known to fight cancer cells and Alzheimer's disease.

8. Food supplements:

A variety of food supplements placed in the palm
A variety of food supplements can also boost your brain's activity if taken regularly
It is not bad to take food supplements for as long as they are licensed by the local Food and Drug Authority to ensure that the safety of your health is secured. Vitamins and mineral supplements contain comprehensive nutrients that allow to power up your brain. Some of these minerals and vitamins include folate, zinc, choline, B-Complex, and Vitamin E.

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