Onion is a common vegetable that we often see in our kitchen. It is one of the most commonly used vegetables in order to make our food tastier. Onions are always used as one of the main ingredients to create hearty cuisine. This vegetable is versatile because it can be fried, roasted, boiled, baked, sauteed, and many more. Several countries around the world consider onions as their staple food because it helps to enhance the taste of every dish being made. Onion provides a thickening agent to make gravies and curry dishes. Onions are also used as an effective herbal medicine in order to treat several ailments.

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Freshly picked red onions from the garden on a rattan plate
Red Onions has a stronger taste than white onions

Benefits of Onion to your health: 1. Boosts Immune system: Onions contains essential phytochemicals that enable your body to improve its resistance against infection. This vegetable contains vitamin c that helps to boost white blood cells in order to further improve our body's mechanism to stop any harmful bacteria or virus entering inside the body. Eating onions or mixing chopped/sliced onions into our body helps to consistently promote immunity.

2. Fights against diabetes: Onions produce oil that contains allyl propyl disulfide that helps to compete with insulin. It also contains chromium that is a known agent to decrease blood sugar level in our blood. This component stays in our liver during the digestive phase that enables remaining insulin outside the liver to reproduce, lowering the amount of sugar level of our body. If a person is always eating high amounts of onions into their food, they can prevent themselves from being at risk for hyperglycemia or diabetes.

3. Fights cardiovascular disease: High-density lipids (HDL) is produced by this vegetable that is considerably good for our cardiovascular system. HDL makes our blood that are less viscous, which means that it allows blood products to flow smoothly all over our blood vessels without being interrupted. More HDL concentration in our blood stream as a result of eating more onions helps to lessen Low-Density Protein (LDL) responsible for causing heart ailments, stroke, and cardiovascular-related diseases.

4. Fights cancer: Flavonoids and phenolics inhibit tumor growth or cancer growth. If a person consumes a large amount of onions, the risk of acquiring cancer is considerably slim, given that the person's immune system is also being boosted by the chemical compounds released by this vegetable. This vegetable contains antioxidants that help nourish cells and other cellular structures of the body, making it healthier and discourages an accumulation of cancer mutation and infection.

5. Strengthens respiratory system: Quercetin, a chemical compound found in onions can act as anti-inflammatory agent. It helps to decrease prostaglandin activity that is responsible for causing irritation along the walls of the respiratory bronchioles. Quercetin also acts as anti-histamine, suppressing any allergic reaction not only from the body's immune system but also with the respiratory system. If you want not to be always catching colds, try taking more onions into your diet to prevent a runny nose or a cough.

6. Disinfects the environment: Onions are usually being used as a disinfectant at home. By placing at least 4 chopped pieces of fresh onions to a cup filled with water, it helps to disinfect a certain location such as a room. Onions contain organic sulfides that integrates with aerosol molecules that fights any floating microorganisms that causes significant risk to any living being's health. It can kill all virus, bacteria, spores, and other minute organisms that can infect any individual. No wonder East Asian countries use onions to disinfect their homes especially when they cook foods that emit strong odors.

Freshly chopped red onions in a small round plate
Chopped onions that are ready to be cooked with any viand 

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