Many are now excited every time that "Ber" months starts. It means that the ghost month period is finally over and it is the start of a season that is full of optimism. This is the reason why many individuals, groups, and communities start being optimistic because they always expect that this time of the year could bring them new opportunities. At the present, some people are now greeting their friends and telling them to prepare for unexpected gatherings and events to happen. Do not be surprised if your friends or relatives starts greeting "Merry Christmas" to you because you know that Christmas officially starts in this period.

People gets very excited whenever September 1 arrives. This is the start of a new season for those who wants to regain their productive lifestyle. September is the month of recovery where everyone will have to take chances in fulfilling their new goals for replacing undesirable things in their lives. During this period, ber months can be regarded as the time for anyone to start experiencing happy and productive things that could transform their lives in the future. It is a four-month duration that starts from September to December in each year.
The last four calendar months of the year
September marks the beginning of Christmas for holiday enthusiasts

"Ber" months is a period of the year where most holiday occurs. This period involves the last four months of the year, which are September, October, November, and December, basing from the Gregorian calendar. It is expected that people will be preparing to attend numerous events and parties as a way to celebrate their holiday season. Business establishments start to provide promo campaign with their products so as to help celebrators from various holidays to spend their quality time with their loved ones. Even non-Christian believers celebrate this particular holiday season because they feel that it is a period to spend time with their special someone.

When September starts, it signals the end of the ghost season because August is regarded the ghost month of each year. Finally, people starts to reformulate their shortcomings by concentrating on their career to become a successful person, employee, or businessman. September symbolizes hope for those who are yearning for a possibility that their lives can be changed due to a new set of opportunities to improve their career in the future. For this reason, Ber months is the best way for the community to have the chance to transform their life into a productive aspect.

There are numerous opportunities that can be observed during Ber season because there are outlets that offer numerous business and employment opportunities. As this season starts, this brings more prosperous chances for everyone to maximize their time to collect and save opportunities for long-term goals. Businesses become optimistic during this time of the year because it could help fulfill their products and services to be patronized by the consumers who are willing to spend anything just to provide happiness with their loved ones. Are you excited for Ber season?

What happens when the season of "Ber" months takes place?

1. Holiday season starts: It is believed that when September starts, it signals a long holiday period especially for Christians. Countries that are Christianized began to great each other because they are going to start another holiday season. Whenever there will be holidays, believers become optimistic and becomes excited because they will be expecting that there will be good things that can happen soon that they will never forget.

2. More discounts: During holidays, there are numerous business establishments that offer cheaper sales with their services and products that is not being offered during non-Ber months. Shops provide some of the biggest discounts to several items that would lure consumers to spend their money on some of the most in-demand products for personal use. This includes electronic gadgets, wardrobes, food, and household items.

3. Cheaper tourism packages: At the start of "Ber" months, several airline companies are now offering low air fare to allure more travelers. This is similar with cheaper package tour in local and international vacation destinations, prompting tourism industries across the world to gain more profits. Most employees scheduled their vacation leave during this particular period of the year in order to travel to their dream places.

4. Family gathering: During holiday season starting from September all the way to January, most individuals prefers to visit their family or organize a clan reunion in order to strengthen their ties with their relatives. Holiday season is a time for family get together that pays respect with parents, grandparents, and beloved relatives. This is the chance for the younger generation to meet their cousins and distant relatives during family gathering.

5. Attending events and parties: Every "Ber" months, it's time to party all the way until New Year. There are many organizations and groups that prefer this particular period of the year to organize a certain event. Event organizers believe that this period creates a positive ambiance so that whenever there is a party, it becomes more enjoyable and successful.

6. Gift giving: Each one of us are always wishing to receive gifts during holiday season especially when September starts. This is why we are always happy when this period starts because we can easily ask gifts from our friends, loved ones, and relatives because it is holiday. We can receive gadgets, wearable garments, accessories, jewelries, properties, or being asked for a date.

7. Start earning more: There are plenty of opportunities that this particular season provides to individuals and communities. During the start of September, there are numerous businesses that gradually thrives, which is the best way to earn more. Aside from businesses, employment gives more bonus or extra wage to their employees as part of the traditional holiday celebration. People are always open to spend more money to buy gifts, generating income for those who are engaging in business.

8. Vacation: During this period, there are various upcoming vacations that provides opportunities for students, business owners, and workers to spend more leisure time. Semestral break for college and some high school or grade school offers an academic break so that they can have the time to allow their brain to relax. There are numerous long weekends that give leisure seekers to book tickets to travel and enjoy travel package that were booked. But the most awaited vacation spree is the Christmas break and New Year break wherein there are numerous days to relax and spend time with families.

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