Eating instant noodles may consider some to be exploring the culinary nature of Far Eastern nations. They dine using an ingredient with a precooked block of dried noodle. This block is prepared and then will be mixed with seasonings such as dried meat, vegetable, and flavorings. Other ingredients such as cooked meat and more vegetables will be added to improve the taste and gives another kind of ingredient that would help to improve the taste of the noodle.

It is understandable that eating noodles is one of the best ways for us to lessen our time and move forward to our next itinerary. If we are under a busy schedule, we always want things to be done immediately by cutting time and to extend more of our valuable attention as a way to accomplish as many tasks as possible. In this way, we will be able to ensure that we will maximize all tasks and we will maximize our time to accomplish other tasks as possible. This is when we consider all things to be done in less than the provided time frame so that we will become more productive with what we are doing on a regular basis.
An instant cup noodles ready to be filled with seasoning and hot water

What are instant noodles?Instant noodles is a commercially prepared noodle blocks that are ready to eat food commodities. Most of these items are available in retail stores near you. Eating instant noodles are sometimes packed with preservatives that prevents itself from breaking down before it will be sold to the market. Even if it can be eaten raw, or boil it using hot water, broil with hot oil, bake, or steam it, the preservatives are still integrated with the food that can be consumed.

Instant noodles is usually served with different kinds of seasoning in order to improve the taste or flavor. Instant noodles started serving globally since the start of industrial revolution. The availability of instant noodles can be easily accessed through convenient stores all around the world. Popular instant noodles are ramen, yakisoba, udon, canton, Ram Yun,  Instant noodles are prepared and served in different flavors, but most are being prepared in Asian style. In comparison with traditional style, commercialized preparation of instant noodles are now being questioned by local and international sanitary and health agencies due to the risks that can contribute to human health.

Why eating instant noodles frequently harms the health?

1. Contains harmful preservatives: It is always said that there are no fresh foods that expire more than one week. Additives are considered to be carcinogenic, which aids with the formation of cancer cells that could cause shorter life expectancy. The expiration date of instant noodles takes longer due to the preservatives that prevent the food from being spoiled easily. Most preservatives contain benzoate substances that can be harmful in large amounts to cause injuries to the body. Preservatives are artificial substances that might change the structure of our body's hormones when being consumed regularly.

2. Limited nutritional intake: Instant noodles small amounts of thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, dietary fibers, protein, and iron. However, it contains high amounts of carbohydrates, sodium, potassium, monosaturated, and saturated fats. Asian always mixes instant noodles with both vegetable and meat side dishes in order to increase its nutritional value. Eating pure instant noodles several times a day or week without mixing it with supplemental dishes might disrupt your nutritional intake.

3. Disrupts metabolic processes: Commercially prepared instant noodles are made by factories that formulated their manufacturing facilities with waxy substances to prevent noodles from breaking apart. When a person eats instant noodles on a regular basis, the wax could attach itself along the walls of the digestive tract, making it difficult for the nutrients to be absorbed by the villi. It affects the normal flora inside the intestine that impacts the flow of fluids and electrolyte balance inside our blood stream.

4. Carcinogenic: It has been found that commercially prepared instant noodles contains sodium benzoate and benzopyrene especially for those instant noodles wrapped in styrofoam, which is a known harmful substance even in small amounts. The substances from styrofoam can be easily transferred to instant noodles when it will be sealed for more than 5 days since it has been packed. If you eat instant noodles 3x a day and at all times, you will feel something that your health will be disrupted. Cancer cells could develop inside your body where some could become malignant, which is signals your body to fall in death row.

What to do?

1. Eat instant noodles less often: Limit your instant noodle intake for at least a maximum of twice in a week in order for your body to absorb and excrete harmful chemicals. This is to protect and preserve your health to live a longer life. Packed noodles contain additives and preservatives that are not good for your health.

2. Avoid noodles packed in Styrofoam: Noodles packed in styrofoam are those that contains more harm than good. It is like you are eating styrofoam. It is better to buy instant noodles packed in cardboards and metallic wrappers. Styrofoam is a material made from plastic that can affect the structure of packed noodles by integrating small plastic particles with the noodles that can be ingested by anyone eating it.

3. Always add nutritious side dish: Mixing noodles with vegetables, fruits, and meat dishes helps to increase your body's nutritional intake. More nutrition may lead to a healthier sedentary lifestyle that would help your body to meet its daily nutritional requirements. Having a balanced diet helps to prevent saturation of sugar, fats, and salt in your body that might cause more harm than good to your health.

4. Check for the expiration date: Knowing the expiration of your food products is important because it will determine how fresh your food is. If you are eating expired product, you are risking your health due to consuming products that developed harmful substances such as molds, bacteria, and virus. Products that are expired attracts pathogen formation that may pose a greater health risk, which could be sometimes deadly.

5. Eat Green leafy vegetables: It is important to cleanse your digestive system by eating green leafy vegetables. Fibers help to clean unwanted chemicals and objects out of your digestive system, keeping your digestive tract from any risk of diseases. Vegetables helps to sweep out undigested particles away from your intestines and expel it through the process of peristalsis and then bowel movement.

6. Drink fruit juices: Fruit juice offers powerful antioxidant agents that will help your digestive tract to be efficiently expelling toxic chemicals. They are packed with proteins, essential nutrients, and phytonutrients that helps to repair damaged cells and tissues in your digestive system. After eating noodles, Drinking fruit juices that are made from natural ingredients helps to rehabilitate your digestive system and get you away from developing cancer.

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