Today, there are increasing numbers of stolen credit card or bank accounts taken by anonymous users online. It is simply because users access websites that are operated by hackers as means to steal personal information from online users. The result is shocking due to increasing numbers of online related incidents that involve stealing personal information without the victim knowing that their personal information was snatched by hackers.

No matter how rigorous you are when you are always keeping your information safe, there are still hackers who are still trying their best to pry on your personal information. This is one of the worst things that could happen to anyone who is at risk for having their information vulnerable online. Once that your information will be stolen by the hackers, you will be at risk for having your savings stolen. This is especially when hackers pose as you and will use your identity when they purchase something online that will shock you in the future because your savings starts to deplete immediately after getting your personal information.
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Privacy can be accessed using this simple tool
Reasons why our private information are vulnerable: Hackers imitate the website of banks so that users thought that it is the actual website of the bank that they are gaining access. While it will be mistaken by users to go online, they are now then lured, sneaking into fake accounts that has been generated by hackers. Companies are now beefing up security barriers due to the threat of privacy breach that can risk any sensitive information to be stolen ar anytime.

The public is constantly being warned about the threats of any data breach because it is causing an intimidating practice against the security of individuals and companies. As technology progresses, a growing incidence of privacy breach is also at further risk because there are numerous threats that impact our society especially when our information can be stolen and then corrupted by anonymous online criminals.

If you believe that your personal information are stolen, this is the time you will ask for an immediate help. You should contact your service provider of banks, online service providers, and all accessible portals where your personal information are exposed. Keep in mind that once your information is already exposed, this is the time for you to take the chance to change the settings as soon as possible.

How to secure personal information:

1. Never place a piece of paper with pin to your card: If you lost your atm or credit card with your pin written and attached to your card, you are totally providing a jackpot bonus with criminal offenders. You should be always secure your pin by just simply memorizing it. Most criminal offenders can easily access your information when you place your pin that allows them to withdraw and then get the receipt containing your personal information.

2. Do not put your card in your pocket: Credit card or atm information theft offenders have an unusual ways to collect information from their victims. This is by observing the pockets of individuals for any traces of card. Personal information is always engraved in some cards that makes it so vulnerable to be readable. If you intend to do it this way, better flip it backward so that the front portion of the card will not be obvious for information theft offenders to read traces of your card's information from your pocket.

3. Check for any skimming device to atm machines and websites: Skimming devices are now becoming one of the most popular methods that enable unsuspecting victims to have their information to be stolen. It is because offenders install skimming devices at atm machines that would allow cards to be directly swiped, which exposes all card's personal and security information. This would help hackers to create a duplicate of the card, which will be used by the hackers and draining all stored money from their victims.

4. Check for any suspicious cameras: CCTV (closed-circuit television camera) and atm machine camera are just visible to the atm booth. However, if you notice that there is an additional camera that has just been placed and pointing to the atm keypad should be always regarded as a highly suspicious activities. It is because cardholders will have their personal information to be taken by the video and then being watched by unsuspecting offender behind the camera.

5. Cover the keypad of atm machine while entering your pin: This will help to conceal all watching predators who are lurking at your ATM whenever you are going to withdraw your money. You can use your hand or your wardrobe in order to totally conceal your pin while entering it into the machine to prevent any suspicious activity around you. A pin number is very important for hackers because it is a security feature that they should be only using in order to penetrate atm or credit card user's information.

6. Never withdraw to isolated atm machines or suspicious websites: These are machines that are located in the farthest and darkest corners in malls, streets, and other establishments. Online sites that pose suspicious activities might harm your personal information because they are generated by hackers by replicating actual websites. Whenever the area are usually experiencing lesser crowds, it is more likely to be installed with skimming devices or even may risk the person to be cornered physically by criminal offenders. You should always withdraw to atm machines where there are more crowds, which prevents any suspicious activities that might steal your card's information.

7. Read more about personal information security: Learning is always one of the most important processes that would help you to prevent from having your card information to be stolen from criminal offenders. There are numerous information that can be acquired that helps to further prevent yourself from being victimized from various criminal offenders. This includes reading blogs, articles, newspaper posts, and books regarding how to secure your card information, which aims to promote security with your personal information from other individuals.

8. Be alert to news reports: News reports helps you to be informed about areas that are frequented by criminal offenders who are involved in card information stealing. These reports helps to tell you the areas that are most likely to be installed with a skimming device, haunted by criminal offenders, and the time that they attack their victims. Reports can come from television networks, blogs, newspapers, and radio networks helps to further ensure safety and security to the public regarding the presence of these criminal activities that are operating to the community.

9. Change your pin regularly: Changing pin helps to confuse criminal offenders in order to discontinue their criminal activities. You can chance your pin at least once in every two weeks, once a month, or once in every two months. This is to help hackers prevent your card's personal and confidential information to be exposed, which will prevent your financial information to be at risk. Changing pin can block all hacking related incidents that would keep your card to be always safe from information intruders against your bank and against you as their victims.

10. Check your balance regularly: Checking your balance always keep you updated about the movements of your finances such as your last transaction and the current balance of your card. This will keep track of your previous transactions that would help you to monitor any suspicious activities. This includes sudden loss of your funds, which you did not happen to withdraw it that was not confronted from your memory. You can report to any bank representatives that will help assist you whenever there are suspicious activities that are going on with your personal account.

11. Never reveal any personal information online: Think twice before publishing personal information online because there are individuals who are waiting for bait for them to start hacking personal accounts. Revealing any piece of information helps online offenders to create a puzzle that will cause the victims to have their personal information to be exploited. Revealing personal information can expose all confidential issues that would cause the person to become easier targets to have their bank accounts to be hacked easily.

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