On January 25, 2015, a bloody incident happened at the Mamasapano that generated a public outcry. This was the time when President Benigno Aquino III started to receive backlash from his own supporters. This was the time when 44 of his comrades in Mindanao encountered an unexpected brutal encounter with unknown assailants during a police operation in Mamasapano. The former president then further received more criticisms when he prefers to visit a newly opened automaking facility in Laguna. This was instead visiting the wake of the fallen comraded who fought for the safety and security of the nation.

The incident that happened to Police Officer 3 Carlos Bocaig was speculated by many as a coincidental circumstance. However, it was an incident that hurt many individuals including his immediate family and friends. The demise of former PO3 Carlos Bocaig reminds the loved ones of the former SAF officers who responded a secret mission in Mamasapano regarding the pain when they felt being left behind by the officials of the former administration. Now that the lone survivor is already gone, the case of Mamasapano to the person of interest will be a challenge. This is because the major witness who was present during the time of the operation is no longer alive and should have been a credible witness to the case.
Former SAF Trooper PO3 Carlos Bocaig
PO3 Carlos Bocaig's situation is a product of an injustice that fails to materialize. His families and friends were shocked to find out that he and the other police officer was the two product of casualties of the La Paz incident in Abra. Authorities will now look for another set of credible witnesses to further maintain the credibility of the Mamasapano case filed against authorities who neglected them during the time of the operation. Here are the 5 Facts about Former SAF Trooper PO3 Carlos Bocaig.

1. Carlos Bocaig was a member of the Philippine National Police. He was a Special Action Force Trooper who served the Philippine National Police. Carlos was ranked Police Officer 3 and is expected to enter the seniority bracket a few years from now. PO3 Carlos Bocaig is usually deployed in critical areas across the Philippines such as whenever there are emergent threats of security lapses and terrorism. His experience and professionalism play a huge factor to become a mentor to other SAF officers who are new to this line of duty.

2. He is the lone survivor of the Mamasapano incident. On January 25, 2015, a violent encounter between the government police force and the rebel groups occurred in Tukalanipao, Mamasapano, Province of Maguindanao. Out of the 45 SAF Troopers who responded to the scene, only one survived, which is PO3 Carlos Bocaig. Right after he was rescued and rehabilitated, he recalled the gruesome incident that was regarded as one of the worst things that happened to his life. Carlos became emotional when he remembered seeing his comrades who were shot in front of his eyes during that time.

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3. Bocaig was supposed to be the witness to an ongoing case for the Mamasapano. Families, friends, and comrades who filed a case against the former president should have been confident enough with the presence of the lone survivor of the Mamasapano 44 clash. However, with his demise, the case would be a challenge for the plaintiff to find an alternative witness to help with the progress of the legal case. Now that the lone survivor is no longer available, the complainants will now look for other possible resource persons to help them win the legal battle.

4. PO3 Carlos Bocaig was officially recognized by Rodrigo Duterte as a hero. Since he sacrificed his life to secure the safety and security of the country, the incumbent president Rodrigo Duterte fully recognized him for his heroic act. This was a recognition that was failed to be recognized by the former leader. Bocaig and his family were happy to know that President Rodrigo fully supports their stance to fight justice against their fallen comrades. However, he also became one of the fallen comrades when he was one of the two casualties during the La Paz encounter in Abra Province on the same date, three years from the Mamasapano incident.

5. SAF Trooper PO3 Carlos Bocaig was one of the two casualties in the La Paz, Abra incident. On January 15, 2018, a grenade was suddenly thrown to a crowd gathering in La Paz, Abra. The main target should have been La Paz Mayor Bernie Munos and her husband Representative Bernie Munos in Abra. The other casualty was another Police Officer 2 Lemuel Kitoyan. Both casualties died of shrapnel that was sustained by the grenade after the blast. The Philippine National Police and the Abra government condemned the attack. The families, friends, and comrades of the newly fallen personnel are now mourning for their early demise after the incident.

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