Everyone is currently talking about Catriona Gray on January 8, 2017. The whole Philippine pageant community was rejoicing in tears when they heard that this woman officially filed for her application as a candidate for the Binibining Pilipinas 2018 beauty pageant. Catriona stormed the Philippine social media networks when she appeared in the headquarters of the BPCI (Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated). Other candidates were in awry as they saw their strongest competitor for this year's edition of Binibining Pilipinas 2018. However, little did they know that there is one potential woman who also filed her application to become a candidate for Binibining Pilipinas 2018 beauty pageant.

This is no other than Michelle Gumabao, who made another leap in the world of beauty pageantry. She may be popular in the court as one of the most valued opposite hitters in the volleyball industry. But this woman can also make a difference in the world of beauty pageantry that can further elevate her career as future ambassadress of beauty. This woman is gifted with beauty, bubbly personality, and supersonic aura that can easily captivate the hearts of her supporters in her new journey. Michelle silently snakes her way through the watchful eyes of the BPI staff and hopes to become one of the darlings of the Binibining Pilipinas 2018.
Michelle Gumabao
Michelle Theresa Gumabao is a local celebrity in the Philippines. She was born on the 2nd of September in 1992, at the age of 25. She stands 177 centimeters tall or five feet and ten inches tall, which is one of the tallest among Binibining Pilipinas 2018 applicants. This beauty queen aspirant was born in San Mateo, California and then moved in the Philippines. This young woman hopes to bring home another triumph for the Gumabao family as a beauty queen.

As an aspiring candidate, Michelle is aware that becoming a beauty queen takes a long road to success. You don't need to be an athlete to become a complete package to become a future ambassadress of beauty. As a beauty pageant hopeful, your physique is not only the basis for you to become a perfect caliber candidate. You need to prepare your emotional well-being to balance your personality as you deal with different individuals and groups. The mental preparation needs patience as you are exposed to a variety of publicity that is full of surprises. In addition, diet is an important takeaway before you will achieve the perfect figure to display in front of the stage.

Joining beauty pageants is another dimension for Michelle Gumabao. Leaping from playing volleyball is a significant change in her life while she is waiting for the next season of Philippine Volleyball League to resume sometime later this year. If in any chance that she will clinch one of the crowns, things will start to change her career as she is required to stay with the Binibining Pilipinas Charities until her successor will be crowned next year. This means that Michelle will halt her volleyball career until her reign as a beauty queen is over. If she will win an international beauty pageant competition, the duration of her vacation to her volleyball career might have to take longer.

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(1). Michelle Gumabao is a professional volleyball player. Volleyball is a very valuable sport for Michelle Gumabao. This sport is responsible for introducing Michelle to the limelight of the sporting industry. The peak of her volleyball career impacted her life when she became a two time best blocker for the Lady Archers in 2012 and 2013. Michelle is currently signed with Creamline Cool Smashers Volleyball Club in the Philippines. Since the next season is still months away, Michelle is free to spend her time endorsing products, coaching other clubs, and joining beauty pageants.

(2). She is an alumnus of De La Salle University. Michelle Gumabao took Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management at the said university. She was a consistent Dean's lister, making her as one of the most decorated students during her collegiate times in De La Salle University. After graduating from her alma mater, Michelle wants to apply her learned knowledge to advertising agencies that are affiliated with television networks. Her active exposure to mass media is helpful for her to land a job in some of the largest advertising companies. The public is already familiar with her background as an active player in the court.

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(3). Michelle is a local celebrity in the Philippines. Starting her career as a volleyball player in UAAP, she slowly created a name for herself. When she was awarded a two-time best blocker and Final's Most Valuable Player awards, her fame attracted talent agencies and advertisements to start endorsing products. Television networks started inviting her to guest several talk shows, participating in game shows, and to be interviewed by known news anchors across the country. She became a Star Magic talent, a sports analyst in several television networks, and participated in a reality show "Pinoy Big Brother".

(4). Michelle is encapsulated in a family that is close to the entertainment industry. Michelle is a product of a showbiz family because her father was a popular professional basketball player, Dennis Roldan. Her father became an actor due to his attractive physique that landed several movie roles and television shows. Michelle's brother is a rising young superstar, Marco Gumabao, which is an active member of the Star Magic talent agency under the ABS-CBN Network. It will not be a surprise if Michelle Gumabao will appear in soap opera series, movies, and television shows in different networks.

(5). Michelle officially filed her application for the Binibining Pilipinas 2018. Michelle is strikingly tall with a towering height of 177 centimeters or five foot and ten inches tall. She inherited the beautiful genes from her parents who were former matinee idols during their time. Michelle's appearance is fresh and ready to challenge the barriers of a beauty queen norm in the country. This stunning woman is currently under the Aces and Queens beauty pageant camp, who transformed plain Janes into a formidable beauty queen. Her approval status as a candidate is still pending as the BPCI management is still assessing all applicants before making callbacks.

Do you think Michelle Gumabao will win a crown this time?

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