For decades, Venezuela has been consistently placing in all international pageants each year. As a pageant powerhouse, Venezuela never experienced being the underdog of major international beauty pageants. Most Venezuelans are thankful for this person who made all ladies and gentlemen from Venezuela to become the most powerful instruments to represent the beauty of their nation to the world. As a major powerhouse, countries from other parts of the world recognized Venezuela's efforts to maintain their competitiveness and prowess to dominate in major beauty pageants. However, what if the person responsible for producing international beauty queens will end his reign?

This is now the greatest issue in Venezuela. The country's royal highness announced on February 6, 2018, that he will no longer be the president of Miss Venezuela Organization. This means that the ruler that dominated the world of pageantry will no longer resume his duties and responsibilities as the head of Miss Venezuela Organization. The announcement made waves internationally, especially in the pageantry world as he is known as the pageant guru in Latin America. After his announcement, the Miss Venezuela Organization is now selecting possible applicants to fill the vacant position to lead the organization that was just recently left by Osmel Sousa.
Osmel Sousa
Osmel Ricardo Lazaro Valentino Cipriano Sousa Mansilla is a beauty pageant entrepreneur and a guru. He is known as the Supreme makeover royalty for Venezuelan queens for international beauty pageants. He was born on the 26th of September in 1946 in Cienfuegos, Cuba. Osmel is 71-years-old. Osmel is touted as the "Tsar of Beauty pageant competitions" in both local and international events around the world.

In Latin's beauty pageant community, they highly respect Osmel Sousa. They are aware that he is behind Venezuela's successful placements in all international pageants. Osmel created a map for the world to know that Venezuela is the home for beauty pageant experts and beauty queens. Pageantry followers, bloggers, and analysts highly respect Venezuela on how they handle their respective beauty pageants. Most Venezuelans consider pageantry as their own version of Super Bowl, Olympics, Grammys, and Golden Globe.

Osmel Sousa is responsible for producing multiple international queens from Venezuela alone. Since he took over as the new president for Miss Venezuela since 1970's the country started to dominate the world of pageantry. He produced at least seven (7) Miss Universe winners, six (6) Miss World winners, (7) Miss International winners, and (2) Miss Earth winners. This clearly indicates that Venezuela is always the country to beat when an international beauty pageant is currently taking place in a certain country. He always makes sure that Venezuelans are trained in their catwalks, communication skills, and have a superb body before leaving the country to compete.

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1. To start living the retired life. Osmel Sousa is already 71 years old since he was born on September 26, 1946. At this age, he already thought that it is already time for him to shift to another lifestyle. This is a big leap to his career as a former President of Miss Venezuela. Osmel will start to hang out with his friends of the same generation while traveling around the world and start working as consultants of different organizations of firms. Osmel is expected to adjust to his new life as a retired beauty pageant guru who shaped Miss Venezuela.

2. Osmel Sousa is looking for the next Tsar. He is aware that his reign gained multiple recognitions globally as the sole person who honed the physical appearance of Venezuelans to dominate the world of beauty pageantry. With his departure from the organization, he is now searching for the next "Osmel Sousa" to continue his legacy as the next beauty pageant guru. Osmel wants to make sure that even without his leadership, there is still someone who will continue his legacy. After all, he is aware that his creations and accomplishments become a history.

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3. A chance for the new generation. Osmel knows that his generation is already fading away. This paves a new chance for the new generation to showcase their talents to become the next beauty pageant tsar. New generations are equipped with new creations and contributions that the world is ready to apply. The participation of the new gurus and mentors for the current and future beauty queens can further continue Osmel's standard to maintain their position of maintaining the power of Venezuela in the world of beauty pageants.

4. Diversification of beauty pageant concept. With the departure of Osmel Sousa, he wants to make sure that Venezuela will start adapting new flavors of improving their strategies to win Miss Venezuela. In 2016, Venezuela gurus quickly realize that personality plays an important role for every contestant. This was when Mariam Habach surprisingly failed to make it to the final 16 spot. The diversification process now deals with character, acceptance, and camaraderie amongst the contestants to face a colorful rendezvous in the world of beauty pageantry.

5. Osmel Sousa's Age factor is already a concern. Osmel's health at this age is crucial. He was often seen using canes because his age makes his skeletal system prone to injuries and weakness. He was also seen fainted while preparing for a beauty pageant rehearsal. His resignation as the president is regarded by many as the right thing to do in order to start focusing on his health. Even though he is no longer the president of Miss Venezuela Organization, pageant gurus and queens are still open to approach him and acquire some tips to win the pageant and boosting their confidence.

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