A man claiming as a member of the Philippine National Police stormed a vendor who is peacefully doing his errands to sell well as a way to support his family. This man in navy blue shirt with a sling bag approached the vendor in an attempt to have a sumptuous street food since it is a part of a Pinoy routine to become enticed on valuing streetfood delicacies on a daily basis. While the man in a blue shirt is now picking his choice of street food to consume and made a short conversation with the vendor, he suddenly became emotionally aggressive towards the vendor.

His emotions became irate that caught the attention of the bystanders who are present in the area as the commotion starts to heat up. The man then suddenly blabbed with the vendor and started uttering words that are hurtful on the part of the person who is just selling his products along the road. The voice of the man in the navy blue shirt quickly became more aggressive as he started raising the tone towards the vendor. The man's loud voice then caught the attention of other passers-by and clients of the vendor who became in shock on how he acted in a strange way.

To make the scene memorable, the witnesses on the scene decided to take footages of the man who is verbally aggressive towards the vendor. The witnesses start recording the scene until the commotion slowly faded and then posted in their respective social media profiles.

Netizens became curious about the real identity of the person seen irate in the video, they found out something about the man in a navy blue shirt. His name is Rex Baltisoto, who is working as security personnel in a certain establishment. Rex's claim as a member of the Philippine National Police became a curious case as they are now puzzled why he was wearing a security personnel uniform. There they found out that he is not what he is claiming to be in the video. Rex then became a social media sensation on various social media websites.

Since the video can make a serious concern over Baltisoto's case, he will be under investigation by his employment agency where he is currently under contract. Similarly, the security will seriously consider his case as he is a member of a certain field responsible for securing the safety of the public that is way opposite from what he acted in public.

The claim of Rex Baltisoto as a member of the Philippine National Police will be another case. The authorities will consider taking an investigation to prove his claim if he is really indeed a license holder after passing the criminology board exam. If the authorities will found out Rex is abusing his authority, he can be subjected to misdemeanor case as a consequence.

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