Congratulations to Riza for placing as the third runner up of Miss Global 2019 held in Oaxaca, Mexico. After a unique way of selecting the rankings of Top 5, Riza is happy to bring home placement for the country and prove the Philippines is a nation to watch out for. The Pinay beauty queen is set to return to the Philippines to reunite with her friends, relatives, and beauty pageant camp responsible for making her one of the gems of the competition.

The only thing that made her confused is how the judges and tabulators manage to select the rankings of the Top 5 during the coronation night of the pageant. In her latest post (as you can see in the video below), Riza Santos is wondering how she got the 3rd runner-up position when there was no question and answer in that night. "the pageant was cut short tonight and she said that she made it to the Final 5. However, there was no question and answer and no candidates had their chance of speaking about their advocacy. So how can there be such as ranking"?

Miss Global is an international beauty pageant held around the world. It is a newly emerged international beauty pageant where the organizers will help the new winners to become the new ambassadresses in their own advocacies after winning the title.

In this edition of the pageant, Miss Global 2019 made numerous controversies. During the Top 25 announcement, it has been determined that Miss Indonesia is not actually a part of the semifinalist list but showed up together with the semifinalists. Then came the Top 10 that became Top 11. And then from Top 11, there are additional 7 finalists with a total of 18. Thus it is Top 18 finalists; however, only 16 candidates appeared on stage to make a neck-on-neck battle for the Top 5 spot.

After the confusion announcement and appearances of Top 11 or 18 or 16 finalists, one candidate could no longer bear the confusion or suspicions of the selections. While one of the organizers stood up on stage and extending his apologies, Miss Global Colombia suddenly appeared on stage and made a dramatic appearance. It is understood she felt the frustrations with all the confusions of the pageant, making the whole event to become a total disaster. After the dramatic appearance of Miss Colombia, the live streaming of the event suddenly stopped.

The pageant still continued off-camera. The judges and organizers managed to select the Top 5 finalists. Eventually, Czech Republic is Miss Global 2019, 1st runner up is Peru, 2nd runner up is Brazil, 3rd Runner up is from the Philippines and Australia is the 4th runner up.

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