Trending topics are sensational online, especially if it drives emotional characteristics in the eyes of the reader.  There are two sides if there is a trending issue that captivates the attention of online users. It can be either good or a bad thing, depending on the issue confronting the image or the actions of a person, group, or a scenario in any way. However, if a certain individual's name is consistently on the top of a social media's "Trending" Corner, then there is something serious going on with that person or what they do.

This is the case of Sam Morales or in her real name Samantha Morales. It is not sure whether this is the real name of the person who is now trending on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube social media websites. It is the second day and her name is still on the top of the social media websites, making multiple curious online users know what is going on. Her name is on the hot seat in social media websites due to her allegedly "ghosting issues" towards her chosen targets. One interesting scenario is her choice of targets, the LGBT (Lesbians Gays Bisexuals Transgender).

A social media user on Twitter under the username "Tzan Jero" posted her experience regarding a "catfishing" incident involving Sam Morales. To sum up, to the summary of her post, an alleged model of Sam poses as a suitor for Tzan. This model was asked to take advantage of the emotional weakness of the victim by verbalizing sweet words to render their manipulative acts. When the perpetrator successfully gained the trust and emotional attachment of Tzan, they arranged a meetup to a certain place, day and time. On that day, the male chatter never appeared, leaving behind "Tzan" who thought she will meet her potential boyfriend.

After Tzan posted her story in her social media account, it became unexpectedly viral. Many of whom became disappointed about the outcome of the catfishing incident. Other victims of Sam also commented, stating a similar incident that happened to them on separate occasions. The tactic is similar to using random model guys who will act as a bogus suitor to play with the emotions of their targets.

One concerned former schoolmate, which we will hide under the name of Lory also opened up about a similar incident during their school days. One incident was involving their teacher who happens to be a member of the LGBT community. The concerned individual mentioned about the outcome where the teacher became emotionally traumatized about the catfishing scenario. After the incident with Sam's teacher, it translated into an addictive routine as a way to satisfy her anxiety.

Tzan Jero, the victim poses with the poser, the assistant of Sam Morales

The virality of Tzan's post attracted the attention of other social media influencers. Some YouTube sensations became disappointed in how Sam is targetting the LGBT community for generating such victimizations. Some YouTubers created a video, showing their dismay over the insensitive actions of Sam towards the LGBT community due to a series of catfishing incidents.

One of the models admitted they only followed Sam's orders to pleasure her deceiving behavior. The models do not want to risk their job by just catfishing Sam's target through social media platforms. If these models will not follow the orders of Sam, they might end up unemployed or not given modeling gigs. Thus, they have no choice but to grant their boss' orders.

Catfishing is a new term for a person who deceives their chatmate wherein they intentionally will not appear during a date with their supposed partner after gaining the trust and emotional attachment of their victims. Sometimes, perpetrators can sort of committing love scams, which is a form of cybercrime committed online. This means, never trust anyone online, especially when they frequently deceiving someone with their sweet words.

It is better to give trust to someone who you personally know

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