The Philippines is currently on partial lockdown, enforcing most urban centers under an enhanced community quarantine. The main reason is to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently threatening the Philippine population. The combined forces from the Philippine National Police, The Armed Forces of the Philippines, and the Local government units are now working together to prevent the spread of infection. The implementation of the enhanced community quarantine is the best disease prevention and health promotion strategies applied to the entire country.

Apparently, an incident happened in Barangay Pasong Putik in Quezon City where there is a team of police personnel who made a scene in front of a money remittance center. One of the personnel then pointed out a gun towards a civilian whom he thought exhibiting suspicious activity in front of the remittance center. The action of the police personnel terrified the civilian who became agitated as he was suddenly in the center of a commotion by law enforcement. As the scene escalated, the civilian was then shot by one of the police officers as seen in the video.

The slain civilian was then later identified as Corporal Winston Ragos. He was a former army corporal served in the Philippine Armed Forces. He died on the spot when the police officer made several shots at a close range towards the demised individual.

 The footage of the incident was taken at two different angles. The initial footage was taken from a Closed-Circuit Television Camera that is just a few meters above the scene. The second footage was taken by another person on a street view, showing how the scene became a sensation in both social and mass media. Mixed reactions erupted after watching the footage from various social media and in news networks that published the media clip. Some are blaming the actions of Master Sergeant Daniel Florendo Jr. while others are blaming the family of late Corporal Winston Ragos on why they let him roam on the streets.

The case is currently under investigation by the local authorities to determine if there are foul-play or a breach in protocols on the scene. Master Sergeant Daniel Florendo Jr. is now currently relieved from duty while awaiting the result of the investigation. To his defense, many claims Florendo is just enforcing his duty as a law enforcement personnel as the area is currently placed as one of the hotspots for the enhanced community quarantine. Quezon City currently has one of the highest incidence rates of COVID-19 infections in the country. 

Meanwhile, the family and relatives of Winston Ragos cry foul over the shooting incident, citing allegations of human rights abuse. Winston was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, responsible for causing an imbalanced psychological and mental capacity to the person. The slain individual was currently undergoing treatment for his mental illness condition before the incident happened.

The Philippines is currently bracing the hazards of COVID-19, which is one of the worst pandemic cases in the 21st century. The disease is now responsible for causing more than a million infected cases around the world with a hundred thousand deaths. Aside from the Philippines, almost all countries around the world are implementing either an enhanced or an extreme community quarantine to prevent the spread of infection.

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