An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Taiwan is now on the brink of deportation by the Philippine government due to a "malevolent" commentaries against President Duterte. The OFW as the persons of interest is Elanel Egot Ordidor who is now viral in social media for her alleged remarks over the government. Even if she is currently working overseas, the Philippine government through the joint efforts of the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Labor of Employment are now conducting an investigation for a possible deportation verdict.

Elanel Egot Ordidor made several posts in her Facebook accounts, accusing President Rodrigo Duterte to a variety of social and political concerns. She became viral when she posted a video in her room, ranting about the government's management systems. Another video posted in her Facebook account, stating her dismay over the government's efforts to contain the current pandemic case. What is concerning is her way of attempting to convince her viewers to join her to discredit the Philippine government

Elanel is currently working as a caregiver in Taiwan. She is one of the 12 million OFW working and living in various parts of the world to seek a better life along with their families. As an OFW, Elanel sends most of her savings in the Philippines to secure the future of her family. However, her OFW status might be scrapped due to her viral videos. Here are the three reasons why she might face deportation:

1. She is an OFW: As a person working overseas, many thought they are free from ranting against the government for believing the authorities might not conduct an investigation. In the case of Elanel, she is one example of how the Philippine government can stretch their will and jurisdiction to take actions if there are serious violations that OFW will commit in a foreign land. Elanel's "malevolent" and vile rants might cost her OFW status, which could ruin her family's future.

2. "Malevolent Rants online: Every person has the right to express their opinions, ideas, interests, or any concern relevant to their interests. We can voice out our concerns using social media platforms as it is an outlet of our emotions. The only problem if there is an abuse of privilege, which can be taken away from a person. The content of Elanel's video is an alleged example of how she made comments about the Philippine governments. One concerning thing is how she wants to convince her viewers to join her and continue to make negative comments towards the government and the Philippine leader.

3. Deportation due to the misrepresentation of Filipinos: Hospitality is the most common characteristic that the world knows about Filipinos. In the case of Elanel, she might be misrepresenting the hospitality of Filipinos due to her behavior in her social media posts. The content of her videos and posts in her social media profile is an indication of negative energy towards other individuals, groups, and institutions. Each OFW is representing the Philippines by their presence in a foreign land and the Philippine authorities do not want any behavior that creates a negative impression on foreigners.

The Philippines and Taiwan authorities are now expecting a public apology from Elanel through her social media post. She is now undergoing an investigation since her videos on her Facebook gone viral over the internet. There is speculation behind Elanel that she fell into a leftist's trick to produce such videos in exchange for a hefty amount, endangering her career and family's future.

On the side of Elanel, she regrets her behavior in her ranting videos. She hopes for any consideration such as forgiveness to prevent her from deportation charges to feed her family while working abroad.

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