Amidst the COVID 19 pandemic, authorities from various territories and countries around the world are now enforcing stricter rules to prevent the spread of infection. The use of community quarantine is the best choice to contain the spread of infection. Local government units are now working together to mandate households to stay indoors to prevent any smaller chances for contracting the coronavirus. Despite the strict enforcement of the law, there is still a fraction of the population who are brave enough to break the law and risk their health.

An incident in Dasmarinas Village made a public debate after police personnel and a foreign national made a scene. The root of the incident happened when the patrolling personnel in the area spotted a house helper who was watering the chores without wearing a mask. Since the house helper was already stepping outside within the perimeter of the private property, the police approached her and reminded her regarding the importance of not wearing a mask. The house helper was then fined Php 1000 for not wearing a mask.

The police personnel asked for the lady's identification, she entered the private property to show any identification documents to the police. Upon the officer's surprise, the owner of the house, identified as Javier Salvador Parra came to face him.

Parra showed up not wearing any shirt upon approaching the police officer. The enforcer then starts to explain about the offense that their house helper made for not wearing a mask while within the public zone of their premises. Parra became uncooperative with the police personnel and starts his beratement for several minutes. Aside from not wearing any shirt, Parra appears under the influence of a psychostimulant while making a commotion in front of their property. The enforcer then ensued the foreign national and made necessary legal action.

The scene was then captured by the enforcer's companion for proper documentation of the incident. As per Makati Ordinance No. 2020-089, any persons caught not wearing a mask will have a fine for Php 1,000 for the first offense, Php 2,000 for a second offense, and Php 5,000 fine and up to six months imprisonment. The house helper already made her first offense for not wearing a mask. Another legal case will be filed against the foreign national for his offensive behavior towards police personnel.

The scene became a viral hit online, creating a series of heated arguments by online users on various social media websites. There are some online users who are in favor of the police personnel's actions by just enforcing the law due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic that is responsible for causing the country under a community quarantine. On the other side, there are concerns about the human rights of the foreign national who became involved in a scuffle with the police personnel.

Senator Panfilo Lacson is dismayed by the action of the foreign national, stating "arrogant foreigners have no place in our country". Meanwhile, the foreign national expects to face legal charges after the incident. Authorities are now tapping the Bureau of Immigration to conduct a separate investigation regarding the current status of Parra for possible additional charges.

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